Want To Lose Weight? Listen To Military Idol Tenkoushoujo Kagekidan’s New Work Out Single “Ba・Bi・Bububu・Boot Camp ~Practice 1 Yumemiru Uppercut~/LOVE RANGE!”

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Want To Lose Weight? Listen To Military Idol Tenkoushoujo Kagekidan’s New Work Out Single “Ba・Bi・Bububu・Boot Camp ~Practice 1 Yumemiru Uppercut~/LOVE RANGE!”

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On December 10, Tenkoushoujo Kagekidan released their 2nd single “Ba・Bi・Bububu・Boot Camp ~Practice 1 Yumemiru Uppercut~/LOVE RANGE!”, which is only sold at the venue at their regular concert. Less than a year since the formation of the group, they received great attention after performing at “TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2015” and was chosen as the main stage opening act of “@JAM EXPO 2015” at Yokohama Arena. In the magazine Weekly Playboy released on the beginning of November, their gravure page took up 8 pages, which is an exceptional case for a new coming idol, and we can see their significant breakthrough.

The concept of the group is “military” and they wear military style costumes and have some military taste lyrics, and also adopt real hand signs that was taught by Self Defence Force team, making their originality stronger. They broke the image of an “idol” by collecting water from plants and eating turtles and grasshoppers for a section of an outdoor magazine.


The new single “Ba・Bi・Bububu・Boot Camp ~Practice 1 Yumemiru Uppercut~” is a song based on the theme of boot camp. We can find many elements of boot camp in the song, which is individual to this group that has the theme of “military”. The work out dance that involves the fan is comical but hard, and we can hear many voices saying that those who dance to this song will lose weight. On the other hand, “LOVE RANGE”, is a sour sweet love song that was popular among the fans, in which many of them asked to make it into a single.

The CD jacket shows the members running through the sento (public bath) in a lively expression on their face with Mt.Fuji illustrated in the back. To the question “Why Sento?”, Sayaka Matsui answered with a smile, “We often go to the sento after our lesson. It feels great and it’s so fun going into the sento together and I love it. We also have another reason, which is because the double meaning of sento is ‘battle’. But this time, its not the ‘battle’ but ‘public bath’. We are actually a pacifist, since we learn discipline, manners, and team work from military, although we fight a lot in survival game fields”.

Tenkoushoujo Kagekidan is singing the theme song “Mr.Dream” for the 3D shooting game “the SOUL of SEVENS” released on December 8, and has been appointed as the image character of the game as well. Their appearance within the game is also being considered, and we can expect further success.

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