Team Syachihoko Multiply Themselves by 5,000 in the MV for “Tensai Bakabon”!

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Team Syachihoko Multiply Themselves by 5,000 in the MV for “Tensai Bakabon”!

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If you thought Team Syachihoko was in danger of becoming normal and predictable after their subdued MV for “Shampoo Hat” (release date: December 10, 2014), they are back to their crazy ways in the MV for their new single “Tensai Bakabon” (release date: May 13)!

“Tensai Bakabon” is the opening theme song for the animated film “Tensai Bakabon ~ Yomigaeru Flanders no Inu~”. Tensai Bakabon is a manga created by Fujio Akatsuka that was first published in 1967 and is one of the fictional works that remains popular in Japan more than 50 years later. While the story was originally about a not so smart boy named Bakabon, the breakout character is his father who is simply known as “Bakabon’s Papa” (Bakabon no Papa).

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Filmed at Harajuku’s famous Takeshita Street early in the morning, Team Syachihoko uses the catchphrase of Bakabon no Papa, “kore de ii no da” (It’ll be alright) as the hook of the song as all kinds of destruction unfolds around them. After seeing Team Syachihoko appearing alongside several copies of themselves in the MVs for “Shuto Iten Keikaku” and “Ai no Chikyu-Sai” they decided to take things further, producing 5,000 copies of themselves through 3D photography techniques. “Tensai Bakabon” is the first video in Japan to take advantage of this technology! The downside of all this cutting edge technology is that it is kind of hard to see the the result of all the hard work put in the video since there is some lag on YouTube.

Here is a clip of animated versions of Team Syachihoko alongside Bakabon no Papa promoting the film.

Here is the trailer for the film as well. It looks like Bakabon no Papa is going to clash head on with the characters from another story that is beloved in Japan, “Dog of Flanders” (Flanders no Inu).

“Tensai Bakabon” will be released in a limited edition “Nagoya” version with a DVD and a CD-only “Zenkoku” regular version. The coupling song “Ike Ike Hollywood” is the commercial song for the Nagoya resort/theme park Laguna Ten Bosch, where Team Syachihoko are the “image characters”. The other coupling song, “Twilight” is being used to promote the game “LORD of VERMILION ARENA”. The DVD for the “Nagoya” version has 3 songs from their “Bokura no Karaoke Wonderland” concert at Shibuya Public Hall held on December 14, 2014: “Shampoo Hat”, “I Don’t Care”, and an acoustic version of “Enjoy Jinsei”. Both versions feature Team Syachihoko sharing the cover with the Tensai Bakabon character Unagi Inu (Eel Dog).

Team Syachihoko’s epic 2-day concert “Makuhari-Hollywood” will be happening at Makuhari Messe on May 9th and 10th so don’t miss that either!

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Tensai Bakabon / Team Shachihoko
Tensai Bakabon / Team Shachihoko

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