SUPER☆GiRLS Celebrate 6th Anniversary With Laughter and Tears at Shinjuku BLAZE!

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SUPER☆GiRLS Celebrate 6th Anniversary With Laughter and Tears at Shinjuku BLAZE!

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SUPER☆GiRLS celebrated their 6th anniversary with a pair of lives dubbed “〜Supa-Ga Produce〜” at Shinjuku BLAZE on June 12, 2016. As the name of the event implied, unlike their 5th anniversary live at Tokyo Dome City Hall, SUPER☆GiRLS added games and quiz sections to their impressive live performance.


The games included Super NES classics like Street Fighter 2, Puyo Puyo (Puyo Pop), and Super Mario Kart as well as charades. Sharing in the competition were several lucky fans who were called up the stage. The questions asked during the quiz parts of the lives were fairly difficult and seemed to stump all but those with crystal clear photographic memories in regards to SUPER☆GiRLS. Without doing a search, would you know what day “Hanamichi!! Ambitious” went on sale? How about the location of Koume Watanabe’s first performance upon joining the group?

This was not just a “talk event” though, the setlists for both performances consisted of the top 10 songs that fans had wanted to hear during the event; the even-numbered songs in the afternoon and the odd-numbered songs in the evening.

10 Yume no Inryoku
09 Gira Gira Revolution
08 Survival
07 Kizuna Days
05 NIJIIRO Star☆
04 Sora Iro no Kiseki
03 MAX! Otome Gokoro
02 Kira・Pure・POWER!
01 Ren’ai Rule


Reira Arai made a request of her own at the end of the evening performance, explaining that “Yakusoku no Hanataba” was the one song that she and Rino Katsuta wanted to hear before their graduation from SUPER☆GiRLS after iDOL Street Carnival 2016 on June 25th.


As Ruka Mizote’s voice rang out through the venue during her solo lines, tears ran down Reira’s cheeks. It was an emotional song for all 11 members of SUPER☆GiRLS as it would be their last anniversary live (all iDOL Street groups except for Wa→Suta will be reformed on June 25th), their voices shaky as they sang. It was a very different sort of anniversary live for SUPER☆GiRLS but, it was produced with care and consideration to create something that their longtime fans will be sure to remember for years to come.

Afternoon Setlist

01 Yume no Inryoku
02 Survival
04 Sora Iro no Kiseki
05 Kira・Pure・POWER!
06 Hanamichi!! Ambitious

Evening Setlist

01 Gira Gira Revolution
02 Kizuna Days
03 NIJIIRO Star☆
04 MAX! Otome Gokoro
05 Ren’ai Rule
06 Yakusoku no Hanataba

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