“I Will Definitely Return!” Maaya Takeda Reassures GEMily During GEM 3rd Anniversary Live!

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“I Will Definitely Return!” Maaya Takeda Reassures GEMily During GEM 3rd Anniversary Live!

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GEM showed the shining results of their hard work during “GEM Premium Mixture 2016 ~3rd Anniversary~” at Shinjuku BLAZE on June 11, 2016.

While their incredible performance skills are their calling card, GEM proved how much they have become able to entertain while standing still with the conclusion of their “Talk Mixture” series. Maho Iyama ranked the best and worst blogs of GEM, the top honors being awarded to 1) Rana Murakami, 2) Yuu Morioka, and 3) Chisami Ito. Sara Hirano, Jurin Kumashiro, and Yuki Kanazawa. As the worst blogger, Yuki was made to read aloud a particularly embarrassing post she had made on Valentine’s Day.


The live kicked into high gear right away with “Speed up”, “Star Shine Story”, “Clarity”, and “We’re GEM!” in rapid succession before continuing with the second “Talk Mixture” which had Rana sitting down with an acoustic guitar to debut a song that she had written. Strumming the chords and singing along with the other members, Rana ended up hiding her face behind the guitar, embarrassed and moved by the rousing applause of the “GEMily” (GEM fans). While the title of the song was not yet decided on, Rana assured fans that when she does give it a name, she’ll be writing about it on her blog. Maaya was the final MC, reading a heartfelt letter that she had written while a music box arrangement of GEM played in the background. It was an encouraging and thoughtful message that touched the hearts of the members and GEMily alike.


GEM returned to the stage with each of the members wearing outfits from different time periods of the group, all the way from Yuu in the simple uniforms from their debut to Maaya in the pure white dress from their 5th single “Fine! ~fly for the future~”. Turning back the clock to GEM’s early days, starting with “Real Material”, the heat was turned up as they transitioned into their more upbeat songs “Tears in the sky”, “FLY NOW!!”, “Onegai Moonlight”, and “Do You Believe?”. Closing out the set with “The Brand-New Girl”, the members tossed signed balls into the audience before leaving the stage.


The encore call, which began almost immediately, was cut short just as suddenly as GEM came running back out to perform “We’re GEM!” a second time. Right after Maaya’s solo, the members gave short messages of encouragement to her, causing her to cry at how much love they have for her. iDOL Street producer Higuchi-san made an appearance to personally give each of the members bouquets congratulating GEM on their special day.


GEM has become one of the idol groups with the greatest performance potential in just 3 short years. While it is unfortunate that center member Maaya Takeda will be away from them for 2 years while she is working hard to become as powerful as a Saiyajin (the aliens from the Dragon Ball series) in Los Angeles, California, it would not be hard to imagine the rest of GEM leveling up on a similar trajectory given the performance they gave that day. Maaya promised that she will definitely return, and so until that day in 2018 when the 10 members of GEM are back together, let us continue to believe!

Afternoon Setlist

01 Speed up
02 Star Shine Story
03 departure
04 We’re GEM!
05 Kitto For You!
06 Do it Do it
07 No Girls No Fun
08 Kimi Koi Telepathy
09 Party Up
10 Can’t Stop Loving

Evening Setlist

01 Speed up
02 Star Shine Story
03 Clarity
04 We’re GEM!
05 Real Material
06 Tears in the sky
07 FLY NOW!!
08 Onegai Moonlight
09 Do You Believe?
10 The Brand-New Girl

EN We’re GEM!

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