Sophia University’s SPH mellmuse Claims the Crown at UNIDOL Summer 2014

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Sophia University’s SPH mellmuse Claims the Crown at UNIDOL Summer 2014

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UNIDOL Summer 2014 was when Sophia University’s SPH mellmuse was finally crowned as the #1 female university idol dance copy group in all of Japan.


They had come close several times; second place in 2013’s spring and winter events and third in 2012. This was a particularly impressive victory because competition was particularly fierce. SPH mellmuse gave an inspired 10 minute performance of “Brainstorming” (Morning Musume), “Kari Keiyaku no Cinderella” (Ebisu Shiritsu Chuugaku), “Tokaikko Junjou” (℃-ute), and “Juuryoku Sympathy” (AKB48) in order to win over the judges and the audience. Second place was awarded to Meiji University’s Copia, who advanced to the finals after winning the “wild card” semi-finals and Toyo University’s Tomboys☆ claimed third place honors. In addition to the top three awards, several teams were awarded special prizes. Saitama Prefectural University’s MayBe was awarded a 50,000 yen meal ticket by mobile app developer Oceanize, Musashino University’s LolliPop were given VIP passes to Sanrio Puroland, Hosei University’s Team Ebikuro received yukata and obi from Ondine. Meiji University’s Copia also took home the Omotesando Mode prize based on their handmade costumes and will be featured on an upcoming TV Tokyo broadcast.

While groups like Team Ebikuro (Hosei University), as their name implies, performed songs by Momoiro Clover Z, Team Shachihoko, and Ebisu Shiritsu Chuugaku (groups under Stardust Entertainment) and used a smaller number of performers, other groups would cycle out members for each song to speed up the performance, or to match the number of members in the group whose song they happened to be doing. In addition, some teams co-ordinated the video shown on the screen with the lyrics to encourage the audience to chant along (Tsuda University’s U/nileage) or wore costumes and used props resembling the ones worn in the music videos of the original groups. Wink♡ from Kitasando University used ribbons when they danced to’s “Denden Passion”, Aoyama Gakuin University’s Ag♡+ threw tissues into the crowd during Ebisu Shiritsu Chuugaku’s “The Tissue ~ Tomaranai Seishun~”, and Waseda’s Wasejo Nante Yobanaide wielded bananas during AKB48’s “Uhho Uhhoho”. Another factor which seemed to play an important role of how well a group did was which songs they chose to do. When Nihon University’s Dorukura ended with “nerve” (BiS), the entire front of the crowd danced along in unison.


This year’s special guest was °C-ute, fresh off their performance at Japan Expo in Paris. Given that almost all the teams in the finals featured at least one Hello! Project song during their performances, this was received with loud applause and enthusiastic wotagei. ℃-ute performed “Kanashiki Heaven”, their upcoming single “The Power”, “Tokaikko Junjou”, “Kiss me Aishiteru”, and “Dansu de Bakoon”.


While presenting the trophy to SPH mellmuse, ℃-ute’s leader Maimi Yajima remarked, “Everyone’s dancing was so good, I was amazed. I got motivated” (Minna no odori ga sugoku umakute, odorokimashita. Kiai ga hairimashita). Airi Suzuki added, “It’s not just the members, but the fans were moved to tears as well! Congratulations” (Menba no kata dake janakute, fan no katagata mo naite irasshaimasune! Omedetou gozaimasu).

At the end of the event, details for UNIDOL Winter 2014-2015 were announced. Kanto Preliminaries will be held on December 13th at Shibuya DUO and finals will be at Odaiba Zepp Diver City on February 12, 2015. Judging by the high level of talent of UNIDOL Summer 2014 and the fervent enthusiasm of the audience, UNIDOL Winter 2014-2015 should prove to be an event not to be missed!

UNIDOL 2014 Summer
July 9, 2014
Location: Shinagawa Stellar Ball, Epson Shinagawa Aqua Stadium Takanawa 4-10-30, Minato Ward, Tokyo
Website (Japanese):
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