Surprises and Thrills 10 Minutes at a Time! SKE48 Solo Concert Day 2

Surprises and Thrills 10 Minutes at a Time! SKE48 Solo Concert Day 2

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Everyone in SKE48 got their 10 minutes in the spotlight as they entered the second day of the group’s historic “Minna ga Shuyaku! SKE48 59-nin no Solo Concert~Mirai no Center wa Dare da?~” 2 day concert at Aichi Prefectural Art Theater on November 20, 2016. Here are some highlights!

November 20, 2016 – Afternoon


Kaori Matsumura got the second day started, appearing alongside comedian Takashi (Trendy Angel) as the duo “Trendy Kaotan” and earning waves of applause for their humorous antics.


While Yuki Arai performed “Madogiwa Lover”, when she reached the line “When your long hair falls and you brush it behind your right ear…What are you thinking of?”, she suddenly exclaimed, “I’m going to cut my hair!” She immediately produced a pair of scissors and snipped 20cm off of her hair, turning initial exclamations of disbelief (as typical anytime an idol cuts their hair) to those of praise for how cute she had become.


The venue glowed light purple in celebration of Sumire Sato’s 23rd birthday as she sang rock legend Nanase Aikawa’s “Yume Miru Shoujo Ja Irarenai”, continuing with “Tsuyogari Dokei” while playing drums, a performance which she had been preparing especially for that day. She expressed her thanks to the fans who supported her ever since she was transferred to the group from AKB48, commenting that because of them every day in Nagoya had been enjoyable and urged them to witness her shining form on the stage.


Yuki Takahata displayed her repertoire of impressions and dramatics as she spun a tale using the traditional Japanese storytelling art of rakugo for her performance.


Masana Oya imagined her possible future as a mother as she performed “Sanpo” as veteran singer Kentaro Hayami and a group of small children shared the stage with her. This was followed by Hayami’s hit “Dango San Kyodai” and AKB48’s megahit “Heavy Rotation”.


Nao Furuhata showed off her saxophone skills with performances of “Kodoku na Ballerina” and “10 Krone to Pan”.


Ryoha Kitagawa appeared with comedian Yuuta Niizuma in a skit which echoed the performance which won her a standing ovation during the SKE48 performance of AKB49 in April.

During the encore, the 8th generation members again peformed “Sansei Kawaii!”, this time with Ayaha Atsumi who had been absent from the previous day’s concert. The 15 members who had their solos earlier in the day closed out the afternoon performance with “Chance no Junban” and “Winning Ball”.

November 20, 2016 – Evening


Anna Ishida shared the stage with a video of comedian Shingo Fujimori (RADIOFISH/Oriental Radio), exciting the fans as she seemed to dance between his hands during “Through the Night”.


Captain of SKE48 Makiko Saito fulfilled a lifelong dream as she was able to perform a skit with veteran entertainer Takashi Obitani, filling the venue with laughter as she unleashed her unbridled Osaka-ben.

Yuna Obata amazed fans as she went through 10 outfit changes during a medley which included “Kiss Position” and “Heart Gata Virus”, all while flashing her winning smile.


Of course the big finish was reserved for Jurina Matsui, starting off in a black dress for “Dear J”, “UZA”, and “Escape” before bringing down the house with “Akai Pinheel to Professor” clad in a red dress.


The encore began with a 14-member performance of “Ougon Center” but the stage quickly filled up as all 59 members who took the stage during the weekend joined in for a medley of SKE48 songs.


Because no big “48 group” event would seem complete without a surprise, especially with the debut of the 8th generation kenkyuusei, several members were promoted including 7th generation members: Yuka Asai (Team E), Ayaka Ota (Team KII), Oka Suenaga (Team E), Yuki Takahata (Team E), Otoha Machi (Team S), and 2nd generation draft members Rena Isshiki (Team S), Ayuka Kamimura (Team S), and Airi Mizuno (Team KII). With the futures of several of their teams secured and a new generation of kenkyuusei just beginning their journey on the road of idol, SKE48 brought down the curtain on their 2-day concert with “Mirai to wa?”

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