SCANDAL Transform into Superheroes! MV for “Image” is out now!

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SCANDAL Transform into Superheroes! MV for “Image” is out now!

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The MV for SCANDAL’s upcoming 20th single “Image” (release date: November 19) has been released, and it’s a pretty crazy one!

The video starts off pretty normal, with the members of SCANDAL performing the song in a warehouse. At about a minute and a half into the video, red lights flash, prompting them to lay down their instruments and change into superhero costumes with masks. They help a young boy learn how to ride a bicycle, a young man confess to the girl he likes, and save a senior citizen from a speeding semi truck. The final incident is kind of confusing since it looks like Mami and Tomomi completely destroy the truck with the entire front end of the truck crumpling like an empty soda can. There was no truck driver shown, so did SCANDAL end up killing a Transformer?!? On top of that, after they save the senior citizen, they don’t even help her across the street, even though they can fly! Don’t they know that “with great power comes great responsibility”?

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