Modern Day Japanese Princess Sayaka Kanda Models “Beauty and the Beast” Fashion!

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Modern Day Japanese Princess Sayaka Kanda Models “Beauty and the Beast” Fashion!

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Sayaka Kanda, the vocalist known for her amazing Japanese versions of the songs from the hit Disney animated film “Frozen” (known as “Ana to Yuki no Jouou” in Japan), has once again been selected to model Disney princess outfits for the young women’s fashion brand Secret Honey. For Autumn/Winter 2015, she is the spokesmodel for the “Beauty and the Beast” (known in Japan as “Bijo to Yajuu”) line of outfits.


The latest in the series is an outfit resembling the one that Belle wore during the “Something There” (known as “Ai no Nebae”) scene in the film. Even though the setting was the middle of winter, photography took place in the middle of summer! Here are pictures from the Secret Honey blog.

Here are some of the other outfits in the collection. Do you remember which scenes these were in?

As a young vocalist synonymous with “Frozen” in Japan, Sayaka Kanda was also picked to model the series based on Ana. Here are the different outfits from that collection.

With Halloween and Christmas approaching, these should be a hot item for any young women who love Disney or want to feel like a princess. However, depending on one’s personal style, it may be possible to pull off these looks on an everyday basis? In the case of Sayaka Kanda, who is sort of a Japanese princess as the daughter of 1980’s super idol Seiko Matsuda and actor Masaki Kanda, and the vocalist of the band TRUSTRICK, this is a given but, as fairy tales have shown, a dream is a wish your heart makes so if you keep believing, your wish may just come true?

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