In the Name of the Moon, a New Sailor Moon Musical!

In the Name of the Moon, a New Sailor Moon Musical!

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Sailor Moon Petite Étrangère will be taking the stages of Tokyo and Osaka later this summer, making it the successor to last year’s sold-out La Reconquista musical. With the meaning “Little Stranger” in French, the name “Petite Étrangère” was chosen because it is the name of the arc that marks the end of the Dark Kingdom arc in the manga, and it is also where Chibiusa makes her first appearance. This musical will be focusing on Sailor Moon R, specifically the Black Moon arc, and as such we can expect to see lots of Chibiusa and Black Lady.


An interesting aspect of this musical is the makeup of the cast: just like last year, they are all women. This includes Tuxedo Mask who is again played by the talented Yuga Yamato. Original cast members from La Reconquista have all remained with the notable exception of Miyabi Matsuura, who has been replaced by Momoyo Koyama as Ami Mizuno (Sailor Mercury).

General admission tickets went on sale July 7th at 10:00am, but can still be purchased online (check official website under tickets). Tickets are 6800 yen (or roughly $66).

If you get a chance to come to Japan, make sure you don’t miss this musical! It will be playing in Tokyo during late August and Osaka in early September. With the release of the Complete Editions of the Sailor Moon manga, a new adaption of the Sailor Moon anime airing, and these musicals coming up, it’s certainly a good time to be a Sailor Moon fan!

The latest poster for the Sailor Moon Petite Étrangère musical

Official website:

Tokyo Performances (August 21st – 31st, 2014)
Location: AiiA Theater Tokyo in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Osaka Performances (September 7th – 9th, 2014):
Location: Umeda Arts Theater Drama Stage

Official Cast:
Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon/Neo-Queen Serenity – Satomi Okubo
Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury – Momoyo Koyama
Rei Hino/Sailor Mars – Kanon Nanaki
Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter – Yuu Takahashi
Minako Aino/Sailor Venus – Shiori Sakata
Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask/King Endymion – Yuga Yamato
Chibiusa/Sailor Chibi Moon – Kokoro Kuge, Airi Kanda[4]
Setsuna Meioh/Sailor Pluto – Mikako Ishii
Prince Demande – Erika Mahiro
Saphir – Sora Manami
Rubeus – Riona Tatemichi
Esmeraude – Mitsumi Hiromura
Black Lady – Yui Ito

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