I’ll Punish You in the Name of Moon, If You Spill Something on the Apron!

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I’ll Punish You in the Name of Moon, If You Spill Something on the Apron!

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As this yeas is Sailor Moon 20th anniversary, various kind of Sailor Moon collaborated items have been produced and attracted especially young girls.

As the Sailor Moon fans are always looking forward to seeing what is coming up next, and this time new items -Sailor Moon apron has been released! Actually, only Sailor Moon version (no other characters) has been released in this August, however, finally all the main members get together now!

The aprons are very worked out in details. The collars are reproduced authentically, and if you tie the ribbon around waist, then you can transform into Sailor girls!  Sailor Moon lingerie might be difficult to wear in daily life in many meanings, however these aprons are cute and practical!

Preorder havs started in October 16 at Premium Bandai webstore, and shipping will start in December ( Unfortunately, domestic shipping only). Enjoy your cooking life with the aprons, but “I’ll punish you in the name of moon if you spill something on the apron”!

Premium Bandai webstore :

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