RYUTist Showcase the Charms of Niigata in the MV for “Yumemiru Hanakōji”!

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RYUTist Showcase the Charms of Niigata in the MV for “Yumemiru Hanakōji”!

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Niigata idol group RYUTist share the sights and simple elegance of their homeland in the MV for “Yumemiru Hanakōji” from their 3rd album “Ryuto Geigi” (release date: August 1)!

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The MV for “Yumemiru Hanakōji”, which is the directorial debut of Penguin Disc writer by Kazumi Namba, features the members of RYUTist in light summer kimono as they stroll through the streets of Niigata.

RYUTist will be celebrating their 6th anniversary with a 27-hour long SHOWROOM broadcast from 3:00pm on July 29th until 6:00pm July 30th, which will include their performance at Live House Niigata SHOW!CASE!! They will also be appearing at Shibuya eggman on August 13th for RYUTist HOME LIVE at TOKYO.

Track List

01 Yanagi no Miyako
02 Yumemiru Hanakōji
03 Omoide wa Prologue
04 Sunday
05 Furumachi Boogie Woogie Odori
06 NEO Furumachi Kouta
07 Namida no Easter Day
08 Watashi no Komichi
09 Koi Shite Mermaid
10 Kuchibue Fuite

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RYUTist HOME LIVE 〜6th Anniversary〜
July 30, 2017 (Sunday)
Live House Niigata SHOW!CASE!!
Open 1:30pm Start 2:00pm
Presale: 2,500 yen Door: 3,000 yen

August 13, 2017 (Sunday)
Shibuya eggman
Open 6:00pm Start 7:00pm
Presale: 3,000 yen Door: 3,500 yen (+1 drink minimum)
Buy Ticket (eplus)

RYUTist Official site:

RYUTist Official Twitter:

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