Rio Uchida Reveals Astounding Special Site for Dual Photobook Release!

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Rio Uchida Reveals Astounding Special Site for Dual Photobook Release!

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Gravure model Rio Uchida, famous for her role as Kiriko Shijima in Kamen Rider Drive, will get your motor running with an incredible special site created for her 2 photobooks “Dario to Isshukan” and “Dario no Isshukan” which will be released at the same time on November 28, 2016.


Just like the special site set up for her agency senpai Ai Okawa’s photobook, the site is interactive in a very sexy way! If you click on Uchida’s butt, several set phrases will be played and if you click on the circle in the middle of the page, it flips 180° and will take you to previews of each of the photobooks by scrolling up. It’s particularly interesting if you access the site on a mobile device (You might want to use headphones and not look at it at work or on public transport though.). It’s like Siri but with a butt! Rio Uchida’s “Shiri”, a joke on the Japanese word for butt (oshiri).


“Dario no Isshukan” by MORE Magazine with photos by Mai Kise has a theme of “a week in the life of Rio Uchida” and shows her in a fashionable home in casual loungewear and lingerie as well as applying her own makeup and cosplaying by herself.

“Dario to Isshukan” by Weekly Playboy and photographed by Toshihiko Imamura has the theme of “Rio Uchida on a 1-week solo trip in Hawaii” and accordingly takes advatage of the tropical setting to show off her grownup confidence. In addition to beach and pool scenes, Uchida bares her prized backside in a pair of see-through panties.

Rio Uchida will be holding a fan meeting event at Shibuya TSUTAYA (6F) on December 3, 2016 where those who purchase both books will be able to shake her hand and have her personally hand them over after she autographs them.

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“Dario to/no Isshukan” Special site:

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Weekly Playboy Official site:

MORE Magazine Official site:

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