No Matter How You Look at it Ai Okawa’s New Photobook “iamai” is Too Sexy for Words!

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No Matter How You Look at it Ai Okawa’s New Photobook “iamai” is Too Sexy for Words!

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It’s been six and a half years since Ai Okawa has released her last photo book, and here comes her awaited latest one!!

aoi ookawa

On October 24, Ai Okawa will release her second photo book “iamai”, and the special photo book website has been revealed.

Here is the behind the scenes video from the photoshoot!

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Ai Okawa is a model of a famous fashion magazine “JJ”, and has been active as a gravure model as well. She is called as the “Number 1 body that you want to touch”, and has a slender but well fleshed body.

aoi okawa

The special photo book website has succeeded in representing the realistic body of Ai, since when you open the website and touch her breast of the top photo…well, see what happens by yourself! (It might not be a good idea to open it in public).

aoi okawa

The release event will be held on October 29 at Osaka and 30 at Tokyo, and it will involve hand-shaking event and handing of her signed photo book. Isn’t it wonderful how you get to touch the “Number 1 body that you want to touch”?

All photos in “iamai” were taken on Maui Island in Hawaii, and the front cover shows her hiding her body with a swim ring, which looks as if she is naked. The pictures in the photo book are even more sexy, which shows scenes of her without make-up, being drunk, on the beach without a bra, and more. This is absolutely worth taking a look!

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Okawa Ai Shashin Shu (Photo Book) "iamai" / LUCKMAN

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