Rinne Yoshida Appointed Public Relations Director by Schoolgirl Company President!

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Rinne Yoshida Appointed Public Relations Director by Schoolgirl Company President!

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As if it wasn’t enough that Rinne Yoshida is considered to be one of the brightest solo singers in the Japanese music scene, she has been named the new director of public relations for AMF Corporation, a company headed up by 17 year old high school student Rika Shiiki! It is an unprecedented joining of forces between 2 of the outstanding young talents of the next generation!

Rika Shiiki’s comment: When I saw Rinne Yoshida perform, I was overwhelmed by her powerful voice and I saw her as someone from the same generation that was also working to create the future. I appointed her as the public relations director of my company because I knew that I had to team up with her.


AMF Corporation was founded by Rika Shiiki when she was a 3rd year middle school student with the goal of encouraging the teenagers of Japan that have largely seemed to have lost their dreams and ambitions. One of her projects includes JCJK Research, an organization of 80 middle and high school girls that examines marketing to teens as well as providing advice. Through her work, Shiiki has become not only praised for her entrepreneurship but also become a spokesperson for her generation. In addition to appearing on several nationally televised programs and serving as a consultant for TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION, she co-wrote a book titled “Joshikousei Shacho, Keiei wo Manabu” (High School Girl Company President Learns Management) and launched an image curation mobile app milkpic.

Rinne Yoshida’s comment: I’m feeling really excited that Rika Shiiki has appointed me as the public relations director of her company. I want to bring happiness to everyone through my singing so, everyday I sing with that in mind. With this pairing, I would be overjoyed if I can get that message across powerfully to everyone else in my generation.


Rinne Yoshida made her major label debut on November 5, 2014 with the single “Koi no Sanctuary” and her first album “Fantaskie” (release date: March 25) received critical acclaim. In 2015, she starred in the film “Joshi no Jiken wa Taitei Toilet de Okirunoda” alongside Miss iD 2014 Grand Prix winner Jun Aonami and formed a special unit Zunne from JC-WC with her to release the song “14 Sai no Oshiete” (release date: November 18).

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