The Shoes of Noritaka Tatehana, Loved by The World’s “It Girl” Through The History of Japanese Culture

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The Shoes of Noritaka Tatehana, Loved by The World’s “It Girl” Through The History of Japanese Culture

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Heelless shoes are one of the fashion symbols of Lady Gaga, the world’s diva and the most powerful pop icon.
The shoes of Noritaka Tatehana, a young Japanese who has worked for Lady Gaga as a shoe maker for almost 10 years and who has also been housed in museums and art galleries in New York, London, the Netherlands and other parts of the world.
It is not only an artistic image, but also inspired by the “pokkuri geta” worn by oiran, and uses yuzen dyeing, a dyeing technique that he studied in his university days.

The idea of heelless shoes came from “pokkuri geta” worn by oiran.

Floating World Series (Red), 2014 © NORITAKA TATEHANA Photo by Kenji Takahashi

Floating World Series (Red), 2014
Photo by Kenji Takahashi

– Oiran was the most avant-garde in the fashion in the Edo period when I studied in my school days. Yujo were fashion leaders at that time and influenced the town girls. For example, if you apply red repeatedly, it looks iridescent and greenish, but because red was a luxury item, its “Sasa Beni” was a symbol of luxury.
Fashion has some unhealthy aspects. Things that were cool or stylish from that time were like that. I like avant-garde things and I wanted to make things like that research object.
[VOGUE NORITAKA TATEHANA / Noritaka Tatehana — editor-in-chief x leading designer, quoted from Part 12]

〈Representative work of Noritaka Tatehana〉
【Lady Gaga shoes】


Photo: Eagle Press/AFLO

Shoe Obsession – Shoes by Noritaka Tatehana

source: Shoe Obsession – Shoes by Noritaka Tatehana

【Tallest toe shoes ever seen】
It Appeared in music video “Marry The Night”,and made as a Christmas present for Gaga

– I was told, “I want you to make the tallest ballet shoes in the world.”. Probably the heels I made were about 50 cm. I just tell them I can’t walk (laughs). Daphne Guinness also wears heelless shoes every day, but the heels are getting higher year by year. The order is “I want them to be 2cm taller than the shoes I’m wearing now”.
[VOGUE NORITAKA TATEHANA / Noritaka Tatehana — editor-in-chief x leading designer, quoted from Part 12]

The Lady Gaga shoes attracted attention, and now they are priced over 1 million yen, and celebrities are flooded with orders, waiting for more than 3 months after the order.

〈Here are the works you can see this year in 2019〉

【Alice’s blue shoes】
“What if Alice ordered shoes? “

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不思議の国のアリス展に「Heel-less shoes series: ALice Blue Shoes」を出展します。  兵庫県立美術館を皮切りに、全国の会場を巡回予定です。巡回スケジュールの詳細は、スペシャルウェブサイトをご覧ください。  Special site @alice_exhibition_in_japan  —-  開催期間 2019年3月16日(土)~5月26日(日) ※月曜日・5月7日は休館。(ただし、4月29日、5月6日は開館)  開催会場 兵庫県立美術館 ギャラリー棟 3F 兵庫県神戸市中央区脇浜海岸通 1丁目1番1号  #noritakatatehana #heellessshoes #aliceinwonderland #不思議の国のアリス展

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Japan’s first “Alice in Wonderland Exhibition” will be held in major cities from March 2019 to September 2020, including Kobe, Matsumoto, Yokohama, Fukuoka, Shizuoka, Nagoya, and Niigata.
Detailed schedules for each region are as follows.

【Sparkle Water】

The light blue skate shoes “Sparkle Water” made for Mao Asada by Tatehana with the theme of and “the eternal glow of a woman”
It was created for professional figure skater Mao Asada who is used as a brand visual at a new skincare show.
These skate shoes will be worn at the ice show “ARSOA with MAO Ice Party 2019” which will be held this autumn.

【Heel-less Shoes Series, 2019】

〈Past exhibitions〉
2015  “Paris Collection 2015 -2016 Fall/Winter Collection”
【Noritaka Tatehana + Iris Van Herpen Crystal heel-less shoes】

“Noritaka Tatehana: Aesthetics of magic” at Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum

His style deviated from his usual work and he Jack the Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum and showed new works, and a part of “Tracy of a Continuing History Series (Traces of a Continuing History Series)” which was a cast sculpture of his own skeleton was also shown.

Traces of a Continuing History Series, 2015, Photo by GION, ©NORITAKA TATEHANA, 2016

The largest solo exhibition ever by Noritaka Tatehana

【Heel-less shoes series “Dot” 2017】

“NORITAKA TATEHANA RETHINK: Japanese Culture of Fragrance”
held at the former residence of Mankichi Yamaguchi

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🎍展覧会🎍 本日、14日より16日まで旧山口萬吉邸にて個展「舘鼻則孝と香りの日本文化」を開催しています。昨年のリシンク展シリーズの続編として、香りの日本文化に焦点を合わせた展覧会の構成になっています。また、館内では京都の香老舗 松栄堂による聞香体験を実施しています。 — NORITAKA TATEHANA RETHINK 展覧会「舘鼻則孝と香りの日本文化」 2018年9月14日(金)〜16日(日)11:00〜19:00 会場 旧山口萬吉邸(東京都千代田区九段北1-15-9) 日本文化を見直し、過去と現在をつなぐ作品を作る舘鼻則孝の展覧会「NORITAKA TATEHANA RETHINK」昨年に続き開催となる本展では「舘鼻則孝と香りの日本文化」と題し、日本の香りを見直します。舘鼻の創出のプロセスとも言える「RETHINK」という行為は、新たなものを生みだすための物差しでもあります。本展のために新たに制作をされた20点以上の作品の中には、レディー・ガガの履く代表作の『ヒールレスシューズ』や香りの日本文化から着想を得た香炉、源氏香の図と呼ばれる紋様をモチーフとした作品群で構成されています。また、舘鼻自身の所蔵品でもある江戸・明治期の花魁の浮世絵や京都の香老舗 松栄堂が所蔵する貴重な資料を通じて「RETHINK」というプロセスを展覧会に訪れた方々にも体験してもらいたいと思います。 #NoritakaTatehana #Rethink #TheKudanHouse Photo by GION @gionstudio

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NORITAKA TATEHANA“Beyond the Vanishing Point”

In addition to the masterpieces of the heelless shoes and hairpin series, we exhibited sculptures made in collaboration with Kunihira Kawachi, known as one of the best swordsmiths in Japan.

【Heel-less shoes series “Crystal dot” 2018】

【Cloud Painting Series, 2018】

【Hairpin Series, 2018】

【Noritaka Tatehana Biography】
Noritaka Tatehana was born in 1985 in Tokyo, into a family running a public bathhouse, “Kabuki-yu” in Kabukicho in Shinjuku, an entertainment district located in the center of Tokyo. His mother is an instructor of Waldorf dolls, used in Waldorf or Steiner education. His parents raised him in the historic city of Kamakura, where his creativity was cultivated. At the Tokyo University of the Arts, Tatehana studied fine arts and Japanese crafts, and later majored in dyeing and weaving. While at university, he was engaged in the study of “Oiran” or the courtesans in Meiji period. In the meantime, he created kimono and geta using Yūzen-zome, the traditional Japanese dyeing method. In recent years, as a contemporary artist, Tatehana has taken part in exhibitions around the world and has created works that incorporate handicrafts of the Japanese traditional craftsmen that had been passed on for generations. In March 2016, he directed a Ningyo-joruri bunraku show which was performed at Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain in France for his first time. Tatehana’s works are held in the public collections of museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Victoria and Albert Museum.

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