What is Resu in idols? The Real Nature and Aesthetics of it

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What is Resu in idols? The Real Nature and Aesthetics of it

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First of all, what is “Resu”?

Have you ever heard the word “Resu”? Resu is short for response, that is, it means a reply. If the word is used like “Resu ga Osoi”, it tells that the response is late. Now, idol fans might use the word most often. The fans love the phrase” Resu wo Kaishu Suru” which is exactly the same meaning as “receive a reply.”

Resu, for idol fans, is anything but a reply from idol. It is a correspondence towards their fans’ appeal. Idols making eye contact with fans and pointing their fingers at them from stage are popular examples of Resu. The fans wave light sticks (cyalumes) and cheer for the idols in a loud voice because they want Resu from them. Appealing to idols, they try to receive Resu as much as possible, which makes sense as idol fans.

The importance of Resu

Then, why is it important for idol fans to receive Resu? You may have an experience with idols gazing back at you during a live concert. Remembering how you felt at that time, you smiled naturally filled with happiness. Resu is a one to one communication between the idols and you in a live concert. The moment your eyes meet, the idols become your own. Resu fulfills the fans’ desire to have entire possession of idols and a sense of superiority. There are quite a few people who have fallen in love with idols from just one Resu.

In addition, Resu exists in SNS like Twitter. Twitter easily enables you to be heard or noticed by idols which used to be limited to handshaking events or fan letters. Idols may reply to your tweet or favorite it, which helps to build a one to one relationship between you and idols. The author especially loves when they retweet one of his article as a form of Resu.

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However, you have to be careful on Twitter in that your tweet may be read by other people. Suppose your “overly enthusiastic” tweet has unfortunately been read by an acquaintance; you may receive some damage when seeing him or her in real life. Let me say in passing that my tweets have been read by my mother and it always reminds me of the dangers of Twitter.

Unfortunately, only a small proportion of idol fans can feel happiness by receiving a Resu. A live concert may be a war of depriving a Resu from other fans. Music critic Akimasa Munekata has said before, “Give me Resu, or kill me!” It proves that the existence of Resu has a strong influence even on one’s life. TGU has made a sticker with his witty remark on it and started selling sunglasses with “Resu Kudasai” which means “give me Resu”. It is rumored that wearing these items may bring a Resu to you, though TGU does not guarantee results.


You can buy the sunglasses here

How to receive a Resu

So, what should we do to receive Resu? The answer is easy and it is by standing out. As it is mentioned before, it is a right way of receiving Resu by waving cyalumes and cheering on the idols in a loud voice. However, can you stand out and print your figure into idols by doing the same thing as other fans? Definitely not! The point is that you have to differentiate yourself from the others somehow.

Fans of BiS, a group that sadly disbanded in 2014, were keen to Resu. To put it more bluntly, many of them were probably just showoffs. However, they had many fantastic ideas on how to appeal to their Oshi and executive ability to realize it. They lifted themselves up with bicycles or stepladders and played catch during the self-introductions of their Oshi. Anarchy reigned during their concerts but their support has been etched in the minds of fans as either legendary or as a nuisance. Do not be so naïve to think that you can receive Resu by simply reading and following along some of the points in this article. Idol fans consider receiving true heartfelt Resu to be very difficult.

These outstanding ways of cheering sometimes cause trouble for other fans and even the idols. There are many concerts where lifting others, crowd surfing, and moshing are prohibited by management. While analyzing the situation and working within the restrictions, it is still possible to put a lot of effort to receive Resu as other fans do. It recently often happens that troublesome fans can be expelled from a concert (and we call it “Dekin”). The important thing is to enjoy concerts moderately and safely.

The aesthetics of Resu

Reading through this passage, you have already noticed the real nature of Resu. As you see, Resu is love: love devoted by idol and desired by fans. It is because of love that you become happy while making eye contact with idols.

Although this article explained that most important thing to receive Resu is standing out, it is actually not true. You can enjoy idol concerts in whatever way you feel comfortable but, try not to cause annoyance to other fans. Regardless of what strange behavior others may do, you can receive Resu and fulfillment if you cheer idols with a pure heart.

Resu is very important as otaku says “the quality of Resu is that of idols”. Sometimes it takes just one Resu to make fans fall in love with idols. If you have an opportunity to receive Resu, it is highly recommended you receive it. However, remember the only rule to receive Resu is to keep your heart hot and your brain cool. May the Resu be with you!

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