What is Resu in idols? The Real Nature and Aesthetics of it

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What is Resu in idols? The Real Nature and Aesthetics of it

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First of all, what is “Resu”?

Have you ever heard the word “Resu”? Resu is short for response, that is, it means a reply. If the word is used like “Resu ga Osoi”, it tells that the response is late. Now, idol fans might use the word most often. The fans love the phrase” Resu wo Kaishu Suru” which is exactly the same meaning as “receive a reply.”

Resu, for idol fans, is anything but a reply from idol. It is a correspondence towards their fans’ appeal. Idols making eye contact with fans and pointing their fingers at them from stage are popular examples of Resu. The fans wave light sticks (cyalumes) and cheer for the idols in a loud voice because they want Resu from them. Appealing to idols, they try to receive Resu as much as possible, which makes sense as idol fans.

The importance of Resu

Then, why is it important for idol fans to receive Resu? You may have an experience with idols gazing back at you during a live concert. Remembering how you felt at that time, you smiled naturally filled with happiness. Resu is a one to one communication between the idols and you in a live concert. The moment your eyes meet, the idols become your own. Resu fulfills the fans’ desire to have entire possession of idols and a sense of superiority. There are quite a few people who have fallen in love with idols from just one Resu.

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