Event report of 9nine new album “CUE” release event.

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Event report of 9nine new album “CUE” release event.

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9nine had 3 events for releasing their new album “CUE”
(“CUE” was named after the pronouciation of “CUE” is same as 9 in Japanese, and hoping the album will be cues of something for everyone who listen to.)

3/12 Tokyo Ikebukuro Sunshine City
3/16 Saitama EAON Laketown kaze
3/17 Osaka Abeno Q’s MALL

I went to the event held in EAON Lake town on 3/16.

They held the live in Sapporo on 3/15, so that was hard schedule for them and their fans to come Saitama, however, about 150 people waited 2 hours before the event start.

Events star at 13:00- and 16:00-
Both event has mini live and high five touchining with all members (high five is allowed only fans who bought their new album)

Mini live set list


1. Colorful
2. Ryusei no kuchizuke
3. Yi, Er, Jiang Shi! feat. hao! hao! Jiang Shi Girl
4. Sakura, yureru


1. Ryusei no kuchizuke
2. Colorful
3. Yi, Er, Jiang Shi! feat. hao! hao! Jiang Shi Girl

Sakura yureru was performed first time.
Nice midium ballad that recorded in the new album.
I saw the CANDY first time (acted in Nakano Sunplaza on 3/10, and Ikebukuro Sunshine city on 3/12), the dancing coreograph was so cute.
Please check the act (recorded by my frieds, Yatsu-san, thank you! *recording is allowed officially)

I joined the high five event 7 times by buying 7 discs.
After the high five event, fans attend the lottery to get special goods, Cheki-photo, poster, and balls with their autograph.
Thanks god, I won the lottery and got the basketball with 9nine members’ autograph!!!
Also I got Cheki-photo of Cha-pon(Sayaka Nishiwaki)!
Such a great day, I really love 9nine!

9nine will have 2 concert tours and also plan to go to Hong Kong on 5/17!
Asian fans of 9nine, come to Hong Kong and make big noise and applause for them with me!

Kawaii Pop Fest 2013

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