‘Rocking the Idol World!’ Super-Sized Idol Group ‘Pottya’ Hold Their First Concert!

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‘Rocking the Idol World!’ Super-Sized Idol Group ‘Pottya’ Hold Their First Concert!

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Traditional idol group Pottya is made up of 5 female members. Those members weigh an average of 76kg and have a combined total weight of 381kg. They delivered a very memorable performance of their debut song ‘Po・Po・Po・Pocharinko☆‘ at their first fan-based event held at the CYBIRD Theatre in Daikanyama on January 29th (Good Meat Day).

When you think of Japanese idol fans you’re probably thinking that most of them would be men given that Pottya is an all-girl group. However, interestingly enough, most of the figures in the crowd of their event were in fact women.

At the event, the music came on and the members of Pottya entered the stage. Despite being quite plus-sized, they wore clothes that were like any other idol group’s and did so in such a way that they even looked cute. The group’s leader ‘Ooki Risa’ was overcome with emotion, shedding tears as she said ‘I feel so happy that I can stand here in front of you all’.

First up at their event, the girls performed their debut song ‘Po・Po・Po・Pocharinko☆’. Up-tempo and filled with energy, the song was aligned with the girls’ overall bright and positive image. The second half of the song also contained sexy and sharp movements.

After their performance, next up were introductions and speeches. The girls talked about how they never thought they would be debuting with the figures that they have and how happy they are to be able to do so. A huge, fat demon then appeared on stage. Now that’s not something you see at any other run-of-the-mill idol group’s concert. They made their concert one to remember by performing a tape cutting ceremony and a meat cutting ceremony. The members were all smiles while they cut through a whopping 8kg block of beef with a knife. After doing so, was the meat then split up amongst the group, I wonder?


After the meat cutting ceremony, on March 10th the girls are set to perform their single ‘Bye Bye Kataomoi’ for the first time. The new single is a complete reverse of their song ‘Po・Po・Po・Pocharinko☆’, with the group singing of a girl’s feelings in regards to her decision to confess her love despite it being one-sided love. It’s a sort of ‘royal road’ so to speak. These ‘royal road’ types of tracks often tend to be a bit boring. However, by listening to their song, you’ll be able to see the group’s individuality shining through. Overall, it is a song that the general public can enjoy. Group leader Ooki Risa asked the crowd ‘Can we do ‘Po・Po・Po・Pocharinko☆’ one more time?’ and with the crowd’s agreement, Pottya performed their debut song once more to mark the end of their concert. Many of the girls’ friends and family attended the concert and were screaming with excitement and support for the group as they sang and danced. It’s clear that Pottya members’ virtues and personalities were well portrayed at the concert.

Generally, it’s expected that idols have great figures. In actual fact however, Pottya is subject to the rule that they must not lose weight. Incidentally, member Oohashi Michiko also works as a model for the magazine ‘La Farfa’. Pottya’s members seem to be truly happy when they smile. This doesn’t mean that girls who are slim, cute and beautiful aren’t happy, but Pottya in particular appear to be very happy. The girls aren’t hiding any feelings of sadness behind their smiles. That’s what makes Pottya so refreshing and delightful to listen to.

Pottya currently uses the crowd funding website ‘Campfire’ and through the ‘Funds to fuel activity expenses’ service, they are seeking to receive financial backing for their activities. So why not take the time to financially support these inspiring girls?

The short version of the ‘Po・Po・Po・Pocharinko☆’ music video is available here!

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Photo by Yosuke Mochizuki
Translated by Cheryl Coyle

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