PINK DIAMOND Features Sushi in the MV for “SUSHI PARTY” in Hypercool Way Never Seen Before!

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PINK DIAMOND Features Sushi in the MV for “SUSHI PARTY” in Hypercool Way Never Seen Before!

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New dance vocal unit “PINK DIAMOND” released a short MV for their first song “SUSHI PARTY” and it’s definitely super cool awesome one! The unit is consisted of 5 members (Mami Ookawa, Yuko Shimizu, Ayaka Takizawa, Sayaka Tatsumi, and Marin Nomura), and all of them are junior high or high school students. One of the characteristic of the group is their acrobatic dance as you can see the video.

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The song features Sushi compared to love using play of the words repeatedly, and it’s even cool for being ridiculous as they sing it so seriously without smiling at all! I really want to explain the play of the words all, but please let me pick only the first one. In the first phrase, they sing “Hazukashisouni”(embarrassed), and the Sushi which appear on the screen at the timing is “uni” (sea urchin eggs). Can you recognize it? It’s kind of rhyme , “uni” and Hazukashiso”uni“.


At least in Japan, featuring orthodox and traditional Japanese culture such as Sushi, Fujisan, or Ninja for pop culture are sometimes (probably most of the times) looks half-baked and cheesy, as we’re sick of it and have seem most of them ended up uncool. Of course we Japanese do love Sushi, Fujisan, and Ninja, and Japanese ourselves think that Japanese traditional culture is beautiful and something to proud of, but such half-baked things are not what we want to see  in the context of pop culture.


However, look this video, SUSHI PARTY by PINK DIAMOND is really out there!  You could say that they recreated Sushi in their original way with their music sound, acrobatic dance, and fashion. It’s totally far from traditional thick Sushi and something new. Can’t wait to watch the long version MV!

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Sushi Party / PINK DIAMOND

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