Clear Skies for Chu-Z at Release Event for “Hana no Arch/Brand Boy”

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Clear Skies for Chu-Z at Release Event for “Hana no Arch/Brand Boy”

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Girls’ dance and vocal group Chu-Z held a release event for their 2nd major single “Hana no Arch/Brand Boy” (release date: February 11) at La Qua’s Garden Stage near Tokyo Dome on February 11th.


There was not a cloud in the sky as Chu-Z took the stage at the popular La Qua shopping center and Chu-Pets (name for Chu-Z fans) as well as families had gathered around the outdoor stage on National Foundation Day to watch their performance. Starting with “Brand Boy”, the 6 members danced around the chairs on the stage as the audience clapped along to the jazzy tune.


Greeting the audience, Miku said that she wanted even the people on the Thunder Dolphin roller coaster to get excited. Kaede proudly announced that the video for “Hana no Arch” had passed 100,000 views earlier in the morning. Asuka mentioned that she used to live nearby and Maia added that her high school was in the neighborhood so the both of them would often pass by and see other artists performing on the same stage that they were standing on.


Continuing with “Hana no Arch”, Chu-Z’s voices were strong and unwavering despite the chilly temperatures and the roller coaster rushed by overhead just as the song finished. The mood got more excited as they moved on to fan favorite “Chu me now!”, the audience clapping along and chanting. Leader of the group Maia proclaimed that Chu-Z aiming to enter the Oricon top 10 with “Hana no Arch/Brand Boy” as another step towards their dream of performing in the revered Nippon Budokan. The single made its debut on the charts at #5 and judging by how many fans stayed around for the handshake and two-shot event after, chances seem good that they could climb higher?


Chu-Z finished their short performance with their “theme song”, the lead track off of their 1st major album “Girls on the Run”. Raising their voices together with their fans, Chu-Z brought the release event to a close. In recognition of “Hana no Arch” being played at the over 1,000 Yoshinoya beef bowl restaurants throughout Japan, Chu-Z received a specially designed bowl from the restaurant chain.

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