Pile Shoots Straight in the MV for “Dream Trigger”, Theme Song for Anime “World Trigger”

Pile Shoots Straight in the MV for “Dream Trigger”, Theme Song for Anime “World Trigger”

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Pile, the voice actress best known for her role as Maki Nishikino from Live Live, is locked and loaded in the MV for her 3rd single “Dream Trigger” (release date: November 4)! It is the theme song for the anime “World Trigger”.

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In the MV, Pile encounters a glowing blue sphere which turns into a revolver. She fires it and it ricochets off of the magic door which leads to outer space! Perhaps those of you who are watching “World Trigger” know what the significance of those scenes is? Then again, maybe it has no meaning?

“Dream Trigger” will be released in 4 different versions. The Limited Type-A includes a DVD with the full-length MV for “Dream Trigger” and live footage from her “JEWEL VOX” One Man Live which includes the songs “~Jewelry Door~”, “Furuwasete”, “Black Butterfly”, “Dream Of Princess”, “Densetsu no FLARE”, and “HANABI!!”. The coupling song for all versions is titled “Vampire Kakumei”. The Type-A exclusive song is “Densetsu no FLARE -strings version-“. The Type-B exclusive song is “Kimi ga Kureta KISEKI -strings version-” and Type-C includes a strings version of “Dream Trigger”. The anime version features special cover art from “World Trigger”.

Pile’s 2015 Pinky Parade solo tour begins on November 3rd in Fukuoka and will have her performing in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya in addition to Taiwan on December 12th!

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