Perfume Provide a “Pick Me Up” With Their MV Set in Slightly Mysterious Shinjuku City!

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Perfume Provide a “Pick Me Up” With Their MV Set in Slightly Mysterious Shinjuku City!

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Perfume has released the long-awaited MV for “Pick Me Up” from their first single of 2015 “Relax In The City/Pick Me Up” (release date: April 29).

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The video opens with the members of Perfume after a night on the town in Shinjuku, walking past one of the Isetan department store windows. In the window are the members of OK Go, who had Perfume appear in their MV for “I Won’t Let You Down”, as mannequins. From there, Perfume begin to lift off the ground and are transported to the world behind the glass. Running past rows of mannequins, they pass through a room that resembles M.C. Escher’s logic-defying lithograph “Relativity” with stairs extending in all directions. Discovering their other selves trapped within behind display cases, Perfume frees them and makes their escape, the Kashiyukas dodging mannequins and the Nocchis taking a leap of faith off of a high balcony. Safely back outside, Perfume is weighed down by Isetan shopping bags. Is this the kind of “personal shopping experience” that big stars like Perfume get treated to? As this is a collaboration song between Perfume and Isetan, everything makes sense now! The title “Pick Me Up” is to encourage people to shop there! As previously mentioned, “Relax In The City” is being used in the commercials for Sapporo’s “Green Aroma” beer.

“Pick Me Up” is full of the hard-hitting electronic beats of Yasutaka Nakata but has a slightly softer feel to it with the inclusion of acoustic guitar and vocals that sound more like Perfume’s natural voices. As expected, the choreography remains that standard that other groups aspire to attain. Since this is a collaboration with Isetan, could it be that some of the fashions that Perfume is wearing in the video are somewhere on the racks for purchase?

The single will be released in two different limited edition versions. The “Relax Room” limited edition version comes in a box with a 40-page deluxe photo booklet. The first press limited edition version comes with a 16-page photo booklet and in a smaller case to hold all the items. The “Relax Room” box can be used to hold 14 CDs as explained by the video released earlier.

As amazing as the MV for “Pick Me Up” is, anticipation for the MV for “Relax in the City” is high after the painfully short teaser was shown at the beginning of March.

Track List

1. Relax In The City 
2. Pick Me Up
3. Toumei Ningen
4. Relax In The City (Instrumental)
5. Pick Me Up (Instrumental)
6. Toumei Ningen (Instrumental)

Relax In The City MV
Relax In The City Teaser
Pick Me Up MV

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Relax In The City / Pick Me Up / Perfume
Relax In The City / Pick Me Up / Perfume

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