Perfume Take a Trip Down Memory Lane in the MV for “STAR TRAIN”!

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Perfume Take a Trip Down Memory Lane in the MV for “STAR TRAIN”!

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Perfume have rolled out the red carpet for the MV from their 22nd single “STAR TRAIN” (release date: October 28), the theme song for their first documentary “WE ARE Perfume-WORLD TOUR 3rd DOCUMENT”

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In the highly anticipated MV, the members of Perfume meet up for a screening of their documentary and take a trip down the 15-year journey that has lead to them being international superstars. There scene where they stand in a circle while singing together is a powerful image and may make you emotional.

“STAR TRAIN” will be released in a limited edition and regular version. The coupling song is titled “TOKIMEKI LIGHTS”, which is the commercial song for the Chocola BB line of health supplements. The limited edition CD also includes their popular song “Imitation World”. The DVD for the limited edition version includes the full-length MV for “STAR TRAIN” and a making of video which features the members of Perfume filming each other on the set of the MV!

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Star Train / Perfume
Star Train / Perfume

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