Perfume Move into a Glass Room by the Seaside in the MV for “Relax In The City”

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Perfume Move into a Glass Room by the Seaside in the MV for “Relax In The City”

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Perfume has stopped teasing us and released a short MV for “Relax In The City” from their first single of 2015 “Relax In The City/Pick Me Up” (release date: April 29).

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Despite being filmed by the seaside and Perfume wearing all white summery outfits, the video for “Relax In The City” was probably filmed during February or March so, the feeling of winter still lingers as evidenced by the grey skies overhead. The song is reminiscent of some of Perfume’s older songs with its delicate music box like melody.

“Relax In The City” is being used in the commercials for Sapporo’s “Green Aroma” beer so just about anywhere you look in a Japanese city, Perfume will be there! The other single song “Pick Me Up” is a collaboration song with the department store Isetan and there is a display of their outfits as well as special items for sale at certain locations.

The single will be released in two different limited edition versions. The “Relax Room” limited edition version comes in a box that can store hold 14 CDs and includes a 40-page deluxe photo booklet. The first press limited edition version comes with a 16-page photo booklet and in a smaller case to hold all the items.

Track List

1. Relax In The City 
2. Pick Me Up
3. Toumei Ningen
4. Relax In The City (Instrumental)
5. Pick Me Up (Instrumental)
6. Toumei Ningen (Instrumental)

Relax In The City MV
Relax In The City Teaser
Pick Me Up MV

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Relax In The City / Pick Me Up / Perfume
Relax In The City / Pick Me Up / Perfume

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