Real Avengers in the Idol World! PASSPO☆ Shows Serious Cosplay for Halloween Photo

Real Avengers in the Idol World!  PASSPO☆ Shows Serious Cosplay for Halloween Photo


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PASSPO☆, a girls’ rock unit who is currently holding their nation wide tour “PASSPO☆ Flight Tour ROCK Shuunen Tour Arigato Bin” in 9 cities with 10 performances, made sudden announcement about their Halloween-limited photo sale.

While people has been excited toward Halloween in the end of this month, PASSPO☆ kept silent until now. However, today they broke the silence with serious cosplay which is beyond the expectation.

The cosplay’s concept is “Avengers”,  a crossover film of American comic heroes, the strongest team formed against the world downfall.


Natsumi Takenaka, a choreographer who took part in the photo shoot as a director, commented “I thought that PASSPO☆ is the only group who can be the successor of Avengers, as the aggregation of strong personalities in Avengers apply to PASSPO☆ as well! “.

This might the real Avengers, their strong will and personality that is beyond dressing up. We expect them to continue activities as Avengers like the movie. There are some members hiding their faces, though these are products for sale, but it’s from their serious attitude to “professional idol” that no other idols have.


This super rare photo packs will be on sale at the venues of their concert from Osaka performance October 24th.  Furthermore, they will hold a Halloween event on November 8th, for fan club members only.

PASSPO☆ gave the fans a sense of expectation with unexpected surprises while their performance is getting more hot towards the final performance of the current tour. We hope their future success and the photo pack will be sold well!

Behind the Scenes footage

Contributor Wanted!!

◆ Halloween-limited photo sale
Price : 1000 yen
*Including 3 pieces (SIZE 2L)
*The item is limited in quantity. Please do not miss the chance!

PASSPO☆ Flight Tour ROCK Shuunen Tour Arigato Bin
Osaka performance
October 24th / VENUE : ESAKA MUSUE
①open 13:00 / start 13:30 ②open 17:30 / start 18:00

◆ Halloween Fan Club Event (Talk Session)
Date : Sunday, December 8th
Venue : Platinum Production B1 (MAP)
*50 attendances limited per event
① open 11:00 / start 11:15
② open 13:30 / start 13:45
③ open 16:00 / start 16:15
Application :
Application period : October 23rd 18:00 ~ October 27th 23:00
Winner announcement : October 28th 15:00 ~

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