PASSPO☆’s Sako Makita temporarily grounded: announces hiatus from stage performances

PASSPO☆’s Sako Makita temporarily grounded: announces hiatus from stage performances

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At PASSPO☆’s one-man flight held at EX THEATER ROPPONGI on April 4th, it was announced that Sako Makita (aka Sakoti) will be taking a temporary break from performing on stage.

This decision was reached due to continuing health problems, which had been plaguing her since the end of 2014. Previously, Sakoti was unable to appear at some of the dates of 2014’s “COUNT UP TOUR” because of her condition. Ever the perfectionist, it was after lengthy discussions between Sakoti and her agency that it was advisable for her to take a hiatus from appearing on stage until she could once again perform to her best ability.

Sakoti’s hiatus will begin after the May 31 Akasaka BLITZ finale of PASSPO☆’s “MORE ATTENTION TOUR” but, she will continue her offstage activities like her Makita Journal column and appearances at release and talk events.

Sako Makita posted a message on the group’s official blog.

“This time, I’m sorry for the surprise announcement.
It was hard for me to make this decision because the time for seeing fans and PASSPO☆’s activities in front of everyone is really precious for me.
Please allow me to take a hiatus since I want to look at myself steadily to recover this physical condition that make me tired mentally. 
I’m sorry for having decided it by myself. 
During the hiatus, it will depend on my condition but I would like to keep my activities like meeting for PASSPO☆’s flight, writing, and so on.
I appreciate your continuous support for PASSPO☆

Makita Sako



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