Spoiler: Civilization Ends and PassCode Dies in the MV for “Now I Know”!

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Spoiler: Civilization Ends and PassCode Dies in the MV for “Now I Know”!

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Osaka electronicore idol group PassCode has revealed the MV for their 2nd single “Now I Know” (release date: May 27)!

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In the video, the members of PassCode are running through an apocalyptic wasteland in search of food. Standing in their way are masked soldiers armed with high-powered rifles who pick them off easily as they are going through a field with no cover to hide behind! The screen goes black as yu-ri Kurohara reaches for an apple on the ground with the last of her energy. Thankfully, it’s all just a very well done fantasy and no one in PassCode is dead, nor has society collapsed!

“Now I Know” comes in 2 different versions:Type-A and Type-B. “Seek out the truth” is the coupling song for Type-A and “Orange” for Type-B. Currently both versions are backordered on so it seems that fans of PassCode were running to get “Now I Know” as earnestly as PassCode was running to find food in the MV? Since there were apples featured in the MV for “Now I Know” and there is reported to be a video for “Orange”, could that mean that oranges will be shown in that one? Perhaps there will be no way to compare the two?

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Now I Know (Type-A)


Now I Know (Type-B)

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