Do You Remember the Time? PassCode Releases Sentimental MV for “Orange”.

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Do You Remember the Time? PassCode Releases Sentimental MV for “Orange”.

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Osaka electronicore idol group PassCode has revealed the MV for “Orange” from their 2nd single “Now I Know” (release date: May 27)! “Orange” is the coupling song for the Type-B version.

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The MV combines scenes of rural Osaka and footage taken from PassCode’s live performances with lyrics from the song flashing on the screen. If you have been a longtime fan of theirs, you may see some scenes that will trigger some precious memories. If you have never gone to see them before, you can sort of get an idea of what a typical PassCode live is like.

“Now I Know” comes in 2 different versions:Type-A and Type-B. “Seek out the truth” is the coupling song for Type-A and “Orange” for Type-B. Currently both versions are backordered on and perhaps due to high demand, they are going for almost 3 times suggested retail on CD Japan at the moment. If you’re coming to Japan for Tokyo Idol Festival or @JAM Expo, it might be easier to just buy them at the event while creating new memories?

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Now I Know (Type-A)


Now I Know (Type-B)

PassCode Official site:

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