Party Rockets GT Blast Off Into the Beyond at Akasaka BLITZ! Next Launch: Zepp Diver City!

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Party Rockets GT Blast Off Into the Beyond at Akasaka BLITZ! Next Launch: Zepp Diver City!

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Party Rockets GT soared to new heights at Akasaka BLITZ on June 25, 2017 during Party Rockets GT ONE-MAN LIVE「~beyond~」 with a powerful 25-song set backed by a live band!


Blasting off right away with a rapid sequence of their high-pressure songs “START!!”, “Mōsō Chu”, and “Nichijō Dreamer”, Party Rockets GT ascended quickly into the stratosphere. Soaring higher into the thermosphere, they floated through the darkness of space with “Secret Moon”, “MIRAIE”, “Initial wa F toiu Kibō”, and “REVOLUTION”. The atmosphere became increasingly hotter as Party Rockets GT whipped the audience into a frenzy as they roared through “Imagine na Koi no Uta” and “Nijiiro Jet”, with the whirlwind of swinging towels during “Manatsu no Maji☆Rocket” doing little to cool the rising temperature.

FUMIKA marveled at how many towels there were in the audience, an overwhelming difference compared to their regular lives at Ebisu Cre:Ato, adding that July was just around the corner as “Manatsu no Maji☆Rocket” is one of Party Rockets GT’s summer songs. The members tried to show off the Mandarin they had been studying in preparation for the appearance at @JAM in Shanghai on July 15th, their first overseas performance. They added that they would be returning to Akiba Cultures Theater in July to start a series of weekly (every Thursday) lives titled “Tadaima” (“We’re home”), their first since changing their name and adding new members back in 2015.

Akasaka BLITZ was filled with the glow of hundreds of orange cyalumes as Party Rockets GT flew through “Kimi to Mita Sora”, their voices joining together in harmony as they twirled around the stage and reached towards the sky. Dropping the needle on one of their early classics “Setsunasora”, they fired up the crowd once more before leaving the stage for a costume change. A short video set to the instrumental version of “Beyond” played on the screen, recapping the path Party Rockets GT took to the stage of Akasaka BLITZ, starting from their December 18, 2016 one-man live at Sound Museum Vision ~Have a nice party~, running through release events, and appearances at idol festivals.

Moments later, Party Rockets GT returned from refueling under the cover of red stage lights, blasting off again with “Beautiful Dreamer”. Calling attention to their new outfits as the band vamped through the intro of “Hatsukoi Rocket”, they were propelled forward by the chugging rhythms and the energy of the fans bouncing and chanting along. The intensity continued to build as Party Rockets GT sprinted though their beloved classics “KASABUTA”, “Ageha Ima”, and “ROCKIN’HORSE BALLERINA”.

Firing up the fans for the final stretch, Party Rockets GT pumped their fists to the anthemic glam rock sounds of “Have a nice party”, light sparkling off of the mirror ball. AYUMI made use of her English skills by leading the audience in an extended call and response, kicking up the energy another notch. The festive mood persisted as they para-para danced and kicked up their knees to “Kakumei Sensation”. Singing passionately about their new beginning with “01 – Zero Ichi -“, Party Rockets GT continued on about their future ahead with “Beyond”, calling out to the fans to sing along with them. Pink and silver metallic streamers erupted from the stage and fluttered throughout Akasaka BLITZ at the performance reached its climax during “Dream on,Dreamers”, the entire venue unified in an overwhelming wave of excitement.

Capping off the set list with an emotional rendition of “Time of your life”, Party Rockets GT and the members of Party Rockets Super Ultimate Band thanked the audience and took their bows before walking off stage.

As the fans clapped steadily in the darkness, a group of female fans initiated the encore call, with the male fans responding loudly to bring Party Rockets GT back to the stage. The encore began with “RAINBOW”, chasing away any remaining clouds from the earlier rainy morning as they waved their towels and sang together with the fans.

A short video brought with it the surprise announcement of Party Rockets GT’s next big live to be held at Zepp Diver City on December 17, 2017, causing the members to cheer and jump together in a huddle. FUMIKA commented that she heard somewhere that reservations for Zepp Diver City had to be made a year in advance before reminding the audience of their other upcoming appearances for the summer.

The members took turns giving their thanks and sharing their thoughts on the evening. HIMEKA boldly stated that they had not yet reached their goals and they would be aiming higher. NANASE shared that she had always wanted to perform at Akasaka BLITZ since her days as a member of her former group (Whoop!e Whoop!e) and that she had a dream come true, comforted by HIMEKA as she struggled to hold back her tears. AYUMI, who had also been a member of NANASE’s former group, was overflowing with thanks and vowed to keep getting better at singing to repay the praises of her fans. FUMIKA shared that she felt that Party Rockets GT had really begun to feel like a group and they could go anywhere together, drawing humorous reactions as she mixed up her words and made it sound like she wanted to live together with the others. HARUKA felt expressed that she felt that they had really become a success upon seeing the streamers fluttering down. The final blast of the evening came with “Dangan High Jump”, the floor area full of jumping bodies and shouts. Taking a commemorative picture with the fans and the band, Party Rockets GT threw signed plastic balls and fired T-shirt bazookas to close out their unforgettable night, HARUKA reminding them that they would be waiting to see everyone again at Zepp Diver City.

Since losing members Kōme Watanabe (2014) and Akari Fujita (2015) and restarting as a 5-member group in 2015, Party Rockets GT has been evolving and once again rising up through the ranks of the Japanese idol scene. Based on the powerful and passionate performance they gave at Akasaka BLITZ, it will be exciting to see how far beyond their expectations they can go when they hit the stage at their biggest venue yet, Zepp Diver City, this December!

Photos by EIGHT ONE

Set List

01 START!!
02 Mōsō Chu
03 Nichijō Dreamer
04 Secret Moon
06 Initial wa F toiu Kibō
08 Imagine na Koi no Uta
09 Nijiiro Jet
10 Manatsu no Maji☆Rocket
11 Kimi to Mita Sora
12 Setsunasora
13 Beautiful Dreamer
14 Hatsukoi Rocket
16 Ageha Ima
18 Have a nice party
19 Kakumei Sensation
20 01 – Zero Ichi –
21 Beyond
22 Dream on,Dreamers
23 Time of your life

E2 Dangan High Jump

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