The popular series of idol events known as @JAM is returning to Shanghai for 2017 on July 15th and will be featuring the first overseas performances of Party Rockets GT and OSAKA☆SYUNKASYUTO. Tokyo Girls’ Update was fortunate to find out the expectations of both groups as they prepare for their international debut.

-@JAM Shanghai will be the first time for both groups to perform overseas, can you tell us what went through your minds when you learned that you would be going?

Party Rockets GT / FUMIKA

Party Rockets GT / FUMIKA

Party Rockets GT FUMIKA (hereafter FUMIKA): I kind of thought like, “We can finally go”. Every year we would talk about going overseas and the dream finally came true. We talked about it on our SHOWROOM program as one of our goals for this year, right?

OSAKA☆SYUNKASYUTO MANA (hereafter MANA): It was the same for SYUKASYUN (OSAKA☆SYUNKASYUTO), right? Our goals for this year were to go on tour and to go overseas. We were able to go on tour in the first half of this year and our goal of going overseas materialized in the second half. I felt like like we’re solidly moving forward so there were feelings of happiness and that we need to try our best.

-What was the driving factor in those “I want to go overseas!” feelings?



OSAKA☆SYUNKASYUTO MAINA (hereafter MAINA): SYUNKASYUTO’s main point is our performance so I wanted people overseas to see it, and find out what their impressions of it are; there was that challenge I wanted to take on.

MANA: I wondered to what extent we could reach people all over the world with the magnificence of our music.

MAINA: When mentioning Japanese idols, I think there’s an impression overseas that they’re cute but, our main point is that we’re more “cool” so, I’m wondering what kind of reactions and impressions we’ll get. For better or worse, I think it’ll be an experience that we’ll be grateful that we had.

FUMIKA: For us…I wonder what it was (laughs). Our producer, who is also a producer of @JAM, is organizing events overseas every year so when we would hear him talking about it, we’d start thinking, “I want to go”. We’d been thinking about wanting to perform at an overseas @JAM event for a while so I’m really happy that we can go this time.

-It’s kind of surprising since it seems like both of you already had international experience.

Party Rockets GT / HARUKA

Party Rockets GT / HARUKA

Party Rockets GT HARUKA (hereafter HARUKA): Not at all, at last we can go this time!

MAINA: It seems like it~. I think it’s our first time (laughs).

SYUKASYUN-san has the phrase “syun-ka-syu-to” meaning the four seasons of Japan in their name, don’t you?

MAINA: How will that name go over I wonder. Even with our performance, there’s also that part whether or not people be able to remember our name ya know? Osaka! Star! Spring! Summer! Fall! Winter!



MANA: But if you put it all together, “four seasons” would be good enough for sure (laughs).

-Osaka seems to be easy for people from all over Asia to visit too, there are direct flights from China after all.

MANA: That’s right, there’s a lot of them in the streets but not too many that come to idol events. I’m really looking forward to see who ‘ll come see us this time.

-I think there will be a lot of groups appearing with you that have a lot of international experience but, do you have any kind of “I want to try and do this” plans in mind for when you’re on stage?

MAINA: There are songs where we sing along with the fans so, maybe we should change them into Shanghai dialect, but still sort of wondering what to do. We gotta study up on how to get them excited.



MANA: Right now everyone is studying Chinese, little by little.

FUMIKA: For us, we have a member named AYUMI who is fluent in English but, I’m hoping all of us can be able to do a greeting in Chinese. We also have HIMEKA who’s the cunning member of the group (laughs) so I think she’ll be able to “catch” some of the fans in Shanghai with some clever Chinese phrases.

-Is there a song or something during your performances that you want people to notice?

MAINA: We have a motto of wanting to change the Japanese idol world. We have strong feelings of wanting to put forth the greatness of music “as idols”. I think it’ll be enough if we can get across to fans overseas that, there are idols that can get get stuck in their hearts in this way, and regardless of country, music can be this much fun.

MANA: I think that through our music, dancing, and singing, we’ll be able to make them feel something in their bodies that our words won’t convey.

-That is to say testing out the concept of SYUNKASYUTO more?



MAINA: That’s it! Exactly. Happiness, fun, excitement, there’s a lot.

FUMIKA: There’s 5 of us and each of us has strong personalities. There’s a quiet one who has a really cute voice when singing, a girl who’s a mood-maker, I think it’ll be great if we can show off that kind of Party Rockets-ness though the live. Also, Party Rockets has a lot of rock songs but, I hope fans will be able to enjoy the wide variety of songs we have, ranging from the cheerful ones to the harder ones.

-By the way, is this the first time ever for everyone to be going overseas?

HARUKA: It’s the first time for me. Just recently, I just barely got my first passport. It was such an ordeal but it’s the overseas trip I had always dreamed of.

MAINA: It seemed like you were gonna go earlier (laughs)! Even though you were saying things like, “Maybe I’ll take a day trip to Korea…”

Party Rockets GT / HARUKA

Party Rockets GT / HARUKA

HARUKA: That’s why, I never did (laughs). I’m a person who loves Japan. Even with my family I never traveled much so I’m really looking forward to going overseas for the first time.

MAINA: This time, I’m reassured that there are groups we get along well with. We get along really well with Party Rockets-san. Ah, I’m looking forward to everything!

-It looks like this will be the kind of event that you wouldn’t be able to see even in Japan doesn’t it?

MAINA: I’m gonna try my best to be fluent in Chinese by the time I come back (laughs).

-In closing, can you give a message to the fans overseas?

MAINA: We are Japanese idols but, I think it’ll be great if we can go beyond that and show the greatness of music not just to Japan but the rest of the world.

MANA: Yes, I’ll work hard to spread the greatness of music!

Party Rockets GT / FUMIKA

Party Rockets GT / FUMIKA

FUMIKA: I think there will be people who don’t know anything about us, but I hope they will come to know our 5 personalities and the appeal of Party Rockets GT. Also, I hope that everyone in Shanghai will be able to feel a sense of unity with us through things like the call and responses in our songs and our fun performance.

MAINA: In any event, I have the feeling like, “Let’s all have fun together!” so I hope everyone can enjoy Party Rockets and SYUKASYUN’s performances.


@JAM in Shanghai 2017 is the first overseas event for Party Rockets GT and OSAKA☆SYUNKASYUTO as well as Babyraids JAPAN who made their debut in 2016, along with TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE, 9nine, and Wasuta, who are returning for the second year in a row. Shanghai-based idol groups ATF and Idol School have also been confirmed to be in the lineup.

By all means, don’t miss this chance to experience this rare combination of idol group performances overflowing with power, cuteness, and personality!

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