palet celebrated the first day of “Believe in Yourself!” featured as the ending theme song of “TORIKO”

palet celebrated the first day of “Believe in Yourself!” featured as the ending theme song of “TORIKO”

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On October 6th, palet performed at Akasaka BLITZ for idol showcase live “Idol Koushien” and it was the first day that their major debut single “Believe in Yourself” was featured as the ending theme song of Japanese TV animation “TORIKO”.
Tokyo Girls’ Update, this time, would like to deliver a fresh report of their live performance and we’ve shot a comment movie right after the show.
Wanna be a painter? Now the time!!

Have you ever heard the word “Koushien”? This is like the World Series Championship for Japanese high-school baseball players.
On that day, more than 50 idol groups performed at Akasaka BLITZ and Akasaka Sacas Stage… That’s the reason why this live showcase is called “Idol Koushien”.

palet was formed in June, 2012 as the sister unit of PASSPO☆.
On Novemver 20th, their major debut single “Believe in Yourself!” will be released from Nippon Columbia.
As you know, “TORIKO” is one of the most popular Japanese animations in the world and “Believe in Yourself!” was chosen for the ending theme song for that.
They are still young, but they are growing up rapidly and are trying to go beyond PASSPO☆.

Yui Fujimoto (white, the leader) raised her hand in the dark. All members and all audiences followed. It was the song called “Pink no Heart no Kumo”.
Six members have their own colors. They grab their own colored towels when they sing this tune.

Miyuki Hiraguchi (pink) was slightly sick, so she was speechless on the stage. When she tried to introduce herself to the audiences, Mizuki Kimoto (orange) helped her.
Kimoto mimicked Miyuki’s voice and intonations. Everybody smiled. It was simply peaceful.

Mitsuki Kimijima (red) was in full play when they sang “Believe in Yourself!”.
Akasaka BLITZ was full filled by bright lead guitar phrases, strong bass lines and truly innocent vocals.
All notes were purely harmonized. We have to admit that it was truly pure.
palet delivered this graceful song and its messages – “Never give up! Don’t worry! Believe in yourself!”

Saki Takeda (blue) looked strong when she sang “Shouri no Seal”, even though she usually looked slightly-built, delicate and fragile.
Riona Igusa (purple), the youngest, was very adult-like on the stage.

palet just “Fly Away” at the end of the show.

palet are;
Yui Fujimoto – Yuichi (white)
Mitsuki Kimijima – Mikky (red)
Miyuki Hiraguchi – Miyuccho (pink)
Saki Takeda – Sakimo (blue)
Mizuki Kimoto – Kimoto (orange)
Riona Igusa – Riichan (purple)

Set List – “Idol Koushien” on October 6th, 2013
1. SE
2. Pink no Heart no Kumo
3. MC
4. Believe in Yourself! (Ending Theme of “TORIKO”)
5. Shouri no Seal
6. MC
7. Fly Away

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