notall Get on a Party Bus in the MV for “Maji” From First Album “#Socialidol”!

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notall Get on a Party Bus in the MV for “Maji” From First Album “#Socialidol”!

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Social idol group notall run towards their second anniversary with the MV for “Maji” from their first album “#Socialidol” (release date: July 30)!

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“Maji” has the members boarding a double-decker bus and dressed in punk rock styled clothes as they take their celebration mobile. Could the scenes of them running through the streets in office worker clothes be a rejection of the expected societal norms where one is expected to “grow up and become an adult”?


notall is currently in the midst of their 2nd anniversary tour which began in Nagoya on July 2nd and will take them to Taiwan on July 9th before returning to Tokyo for the finale at Harajuku QUEST HALL on July 30th, the same day that “#Socialidol” goes on sale.

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notall 2nd Anniversary Tour Finale
July 30, 2016 (Saturday)
Harajuku QUEST HALL, 1-13-14 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Open: 5:00pm Start: 5:30pm
Presale: 3,000 yen Door: 3,500 yen 2nd anniversary towel included: 5,000 yen

Track List

01 Overture
02 Kirameki☆tweet girl!!
03 my baby, my lover
04 Maji
05 O-Niku de Night☆Sensation
06 UNU
07 Filter
08 Usagi Cinderella
09 Step by Step
10 HappyDays
11 Don’t Give up!

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