#Socialidol GO! notall Returned to Taiwan for Their 2nd Anniversary Tour

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#Socialidol GO!  notall Returned to Taiwan for Their 2nd Anniversary Tour

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notall heated up their fans in Taiwan again after their last visited in August last year, 2015 Comic Exhibition. For 2016, they came back to celebrate their 2nd anniversary with one-man live “notall 2nd Anniversary Tour ~Natsu da! Sawaguze! Tou Mei Wan~” at PIPE Live Music on July 9th, 2016 with fans from Taiwan, Japan, and Thailand.


The first song “Penguin Ningen”, they appeared with the pink costume from the latest single “Thanks a million ~Arigato~”, and the audience cheered them up by clapping, dancing, and calling the member’s name. The three songs followed, “my baby, my lover”, “Nounai Live!”, “Happy Days”, all of them were very cheerful and made the audience excited.

At the first MC, the members introduced themselves in Chinese, greeting their fans, announcing about the final 2nd anniversary live in Tokyo and the release of their first full album “#Socialidol” (release date : July 30th, 2016).

The new song “Don’t Give Up!” which is uptempo and cheerful song were performed too. Two songs followed after that ; “We are notall!!!!” , the song which represents the characters of each member during the solo parts, and the electro-pop song “Tokimeki Latte Art”.

Bechiko (Chiko Watanabe) and Tasakyon (Reina Tasaki) disappeared to the back stage after that, while Satoharu (Haruka Sato) and Na-chan (Narumi Katase) were still on the stage and started Rock-Paper-Scissors game, which the winner could get the member’s cheki with signatures. They asked the fans how to speak Rock-Paper-Scissors in Chinese, but it seemed it was too hard to pronounce for them, so Taiwanese fan suggested “Shou-ron-po” which is coming from Chinese food Xiaolongbao (the members’ favorite Taiwanese food). After the two lucky winners were confirmed, Bechiko and Tasakyon came out in different costumes and played Rock-Paper-Scissors as well.

notall-taiwan-oneman-21 notall-taiwan-oneman-22

They started singing again 4 songs in a row, “Usagi Tsunderera”, “Boku no Kakera”, “Filter”, and “JUST NOW★”. During the performance of “JUST NOW★”, the members threw away several balls with their signature to the audience.


At the last MC, they show the gratitude to their fans, and mentioned that this was the one of their best live concerts ever, promising that they would to come back to Taiwan again. The concert once ended with “Maji”, the latest song from their new album, “Oniku De Night☆Sensation” which was full of call and MIX, and the towel swinging song “Kirameke☆tweet girl!!”.


After the members left the stage, the audience started call for encore by shouting “Sho-ron-po”. The members appeared on the stage again with their 2nd anniversary T-shirt and made this live concert special one by singing “my baby, my lover” in Chinese, closing out the whole concert with “READY GIRL”.


1.Penguin Ningen baby, my lover
3.Nounai Live!
4.Happy Days
5.Don’t Give Up!
6.We are notall!!!!
7.Tokimeki Latte Art
8.Usagi Tsunderera
9.Boku no Kakera
13.Oniku De Night☆Sensation
14.Kirameke☆tweet girl!!

Encore baby, my lover (Chinese ver.)

notall 2nd anniversary tour live in Tokyo
Date : July 30th (Sat)
Time : Open 17:00, Start 17:30
Venue : Harajuku QUEST HALL, Tokyo
Ticket information :!blank/j5zxk

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#Socialidol / notall

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