Nogizaka46’s Next-gen Ace Yuuki Yoda’s 1st Photobook is 3.5 Billion point-success, Even Her Pet Goat Fascinated?!

乃木坂46の次世代エース・与田祐希初のソロ写真集は、 35億点の出来ばえで、ペットのヤギも魅了!?
Nogizaka46’s Next-gen Ace Yuuki Yoda’s 1st Photobook is 3.5 Billion point-success, Even Her Pet Goat Fascinated?!

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Nogizaka46 have ascended to the position of Japan’s top idol group in both name and substance, winning the Japan Record Awards at the end of last year. Yuuki Yoda (17), a member of the third generation who is regarded as the next generation ace, held an event for her first solo photobook, ‘Hinata no Ondo’.

Yoda has gained a lot of attention since joining the group in 2016 and being selected as a central member after last summer’s release of ‘Nigemizu’, their 18th single. This is the first solo photobook from Nogizaka46’s third generation members.


This photobook, the release of which was a surprise announcement onstage at Nogizaka46’s ‘Manatsu no Zenkoku Tour’ last summer, was mainly shot in Singapore. Yoda said in an interview before the event that she “Wanted readers to enjoy it ‘as if we’d gone on a trip together.’”

Her favorite photograph was shot in the water off Indonesia’s Bintan Island, and if you look closely you can see the marks left by the snorkel she’d been using up until right before the photograph was taken. Its charm lies in what she calls a “Never-before seen nicely disorganized look.”


Yoda’s photobook was also popular among her fellow members, with Minami Umezawa (19), from the same third generation members, pre-ordering a limited cover version, and Shiori Kubo (16) enjoying commenting to Yoda herself that “The way the water trickles is good!” about the ocean on each page.

Nogizaka46 members Mai Shiraishi and Asuka Saito’s photobooks swept the same genre last year. The first printing of 100,000 copies of Yoda’s photobook has matched Shiraishi’s record, and the momentum of Nogizaka46 shows no signs of stopping this year either. Yoda herself also plays her first role as a heroine in the drama series ‘Mobusaiko100’, (TVTOKYO) which will be broadcast starting this month.


Yoda spent the New Year in her hometown of Fukuoka, and said that “In 2018, I want to study acting more”, even though she is busy with concerts and events. She was moved by the reactions of her parents and friends to her photobook, who said “It’s really good. I felt reassured after seeing it.”

In response to the standard question asked when a photobook is released, “If you were to give this photobook a score, what would it be?”, she prefaced her answer with “Please laugh”, and replied “…3.5 billion!”, impersonating Blouson Chiemi, who is well-known to her fans. The sight of her blushing before the group of reporters dumbfounded by the sudden occurrence was impressive.


Nogizaka46’s theme this year is ‘From Nogizaka to the World’. They have scheduled a concert in Hong Kong next month.

Yoda smiled as she said that when she showed her photobook to her pet goat Gonzo at her family home, although he came close to eating it, he bleated happily. As public social networking services featuring candid shots from the photobook are also popular, it is gaining attention from demographics other than Nogizaka46 fans.

Just before the interview ended, the image of her confidently doing the “3.5 billion!” pose again and again at the request of the group of reporters who had figured out what she meant overflowed with her confidence as a member of Nogizaka46, who last year sold more than a million albums and performed at the Tokyo Dome.


Taking advantage of the popularity of the 3.5 billion men phrase as well as the launch of this photobook to expand her fan demographic, we can expect even more activity from her this year.


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