The very first overseas stage of Nogizaka46 at Japan Expo!

The very first overseas stage of Nogizaka46 at Japan Expo!

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On July 4th (Paris local time) Nogizaka46 performed their first stage abroad in JAPAN EXPO taking place in Paris, France. It made a great success.

7月4日(フランス現地時間)乃木坂46がフランス、パリ郊外で開催中のJAPAN EXPOでグループ史上初となる海外公演を行い、大盛況のうちに幕を閉じた。


The stage opened with the movie which introduce each members and group concept and is only made for this stage. They say “Let us show the best exports of Japan. It’s Nogizaka46.”  in the movie and the message expresses their extraordinary enthusiasm for this stage.

JAPAN EXPO用に制作された映像でのグループ、メンバー紹介からライブは幕を開けた。「日本の最高の輸出品、乃木坂46をご覧ください。」と、この日のためにメンバー、スタッフが並々ならぬ意気込みを持って望んでいることが伝わる映像でメンバー一人、一人が紹介された。

When the member showed up on the stage, fans are calling for the names of members and seems that overseas J-culture fans also has a big interest in Nogizaka46.



They performed 9 songs includes “Tsuki no ookisa” which is a title tune of NARUTO and their signature piece, “Seifuku no mannequin.” Fans screamed during the intro part of these songs, that brings home the fact that songs of Nogizaka gets popular here in Europe. Fans also dancing a lot with the pop tune “Yubi boenkyo” and “Girls Rule.” They also performed their classics, “Oide Shampoo” “Guruguru curtain” and “Aitakatta kamo shirenai” and their brand-new song “Natsu no Free and Easy” which will be released on 9th July as the last song.


They made audience fanatic both on live performance and talk, like personal introduction with French and stinging calls from audience during the live stage.
The performance is really majestic and not like their first performance abroad. Fans from all over the Europe enjoyed the stage with a smirk of satisfaction.



We expect their performance will rise up more and the name Nogizaka46 was kept in world J-culture fans heart like as the message showed the opening of the live said “Someday, you will be proud of seeing the very first overseas stage of Nogizaka46.”


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written by Itaru

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