Niji no Conquistador Stir Up Warm Feelings of Love in the MV for “Retore ~ Karei Naru no Ai”!
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Niji no Conquistador deliver a spicy punch in the MV for their 8th single “Retore ~ Karei Naru no Ai” (release date: January 9)!

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Opening with the members of Niji no Conquistador eating curry, a notice of a kasou taishou spurs them into action. Despite a silly string fight breaking out as they make their costumes, they manage to capture the grand prize with their curry making skit. Just like their 7th single “LOVE Men Koi-aji Yawame”, which was downloadable from a QR code on a package of cup noodles, “Retore ~ Karei Naru no Ai” comes with a box of curry which can be heated up and eaten!


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Also announced during their one-man live at Kawasaki Club Citta on January 9th was that Niji no Conquistador will be making their major label debut on KING RECORDS on April 26th with the DVD single “✝No Life Baby・Of・The・End✝”, which will also be the theme song for their film “Saint Zombie Jogakuin”. Around that time, an audition in cooperation with pixiv and KING RECORDS will take place. Niji no Conquistador will also be providing the theme song for the PS Vita game Nepu☆Nepu Connect Chaos Champuru, which will be titled “chaos and creation” and feature Emiri Suyama and Akari Nakamura providing voices for the game. Finally, Ao Yamato was added to Team Red and a new Team Blue unit (Sagittarius Ryuuseigun) was formed with former trainees Ayame Okada, Riko Shimizu, Airi Hiruta, and Nana Yamasaki as its members.

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