NGT48 Sparkle and Shine Brilliantly at Tokyo Idol Festival 2016!

NGT48 Sparkle and Shine Brilliantly at Tokyo Idol Festival 2016!

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NGT48, victors of AKB48’s second Dai Undoukai less than 24 hours prior at Saitama Super Arena, were riding a hot streak as they hit the Hot Stage of Tokyo Idol Festival 2016 on August 7, 2016!

Red and white penlights glowed as “Overture” rang out and the fans raised their voices. Running out on to the stage, the members leaned forward as the opening guitar chord of “Iiwake Maybe” began their performance. Captain Rie Kitahara announcing their arrival to the audience, many of whom were already bouncing up and down and trying to be noticed. With barely a pause, NGT48 launched into “Everyday, Kachusha”, riding the growing wave of excitement in the venue. Kitahara called out for the audience to get more excited as she and the other members twirled on the stage to “Juuryoku Sympathy”, their white skirts fluttering behind them.

Kitahara proclaimed that they could see the people in the back and in the 2nd floor balcony and asked some of the members to comment on their first appearance at Tokyo Idol Festival. Hinata Honma commented that it was amazing that they were asked to appear at an event where over 300 other idols were and stated that she wanted to give a performance to rival all of them. Kitahara was even more determined, boasting that they would make fans of other groups “oshi-hen” (推し変, switch allegiance from their favorite idol) over to the side of NGT48 by the time they were done. She backed up their enthusiasm by reminding the audience that they won the AKB48 Dai Undoukai, proof of their strength.

Continuing on with “NGT48”, the fist pumping ode to their home ground of Niigata City, the members ran to every side of the stage to appeal to the fans packed up against the guardrails at the front. When volunteers were sought to make themselves more known to the audience, husky-voiced Noe Yamada used her pantomime skills to lift a heavy invisible weight in dramatic fashion. Tsugumi Oguma attempted to do a tongue twister but Kitahara commented that she was just saying her favorite food “aburi kal bi” (炙りカルビ, grilled shortribs). Known “fisher” (釣り師, tsurishi, person who “catches” fans with their personality/behavior) Rika Nakai attempted to “catch” all the fans with a pull of her imaginary fishing pole and a cute “Yoisho!”, smiling and inviting them to come see NGT48 in Niigata.

When asked about the highlight to look for the next song “Heavy Rotation”, Minami Kato said that there would “probably” be a display of her specialty acrobatics. The fans didn’t have to wait long as she moved her microphone stand out of the way and flipped forward across the stage right after the opening chorus.

Moving right along with the popular Undergirls hit “Kimi no Koto ga Suki Dakara”, the volume of audience managed to grow even louder, inflamed by the continued “fishing” of center member Rika Nakai. Minami Kato returned to the center position for “Oogoe Diamond”, welcomed by fans chanting her name for the opening lines. The calls continued throughout the song, reaching crescendo during the final verse of the song with its shouts of “suki” along with the members.

Rie Kitahara thanked the audience for their warm reception but regretfully informed them that time had flown by too quickly and the next song would be the last. Maho Yamaguchi expressed her excitement at NGT48 being able to appear at such a big event with so many other great idols despite what a short time had passed since their debut. Asking the audience if they had become NGT48 fans, she reminded them that Niigata is only 2 hours away from Tokyo by Shinkansen and to come see them. Finishing up with their refreshing original song “Max Toki 315-go”, the members kicked up their heels and seemed to float across the stage like snowflakes falling during the winter.

In less than a year since their debut, NGT48 has already performed overseas at Asia Song Festival 2015 (South Korea) and become promotional characters for McDonald’s, and appeared at the largest idol event in the world Tokyo Idol Festival. It will be exciting to watch how much higher they will be soaring in the future!

Photos by Nathan Gey

Set List

00 Overture (NGT48 version)
01 Iiwake Maybe
02 Everyday, Kachusha
03 Juuryoku Sympathy
04 NGT48
05 Heavy Rotation
06 Kimi no Koto ga Suki Dakara
07 Oogoe Diamond
08 Max Toki 315-go

Participating Members

Yuka Ogino, Tsugumi Oguma, Minami Kato, Rie Kitahara, Anju Sato, Riko Sugahara, Moeka Takakura, Rika Nakai, Marina Nishigata, Rena Hasegawa, Hinata Honma, Fuka Murakumo, Maho Yamaguchi, Noe Yamada, Yuria Otaki, Yuria Kado, Aina Kusakabe, Reina Seiji, Mau Takahashi, Ayuka Nakamura, Miharu Nara, Nanako Nishimura, Ayaka Mizusawa, Aya Miyajima

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