NGT48 Sparkle and Shine Brilliantly at Tokyo Idol Festival 2016!

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NGT48 Sparkle and Shine Brilliantly at Tokyo Idol Festival 2016!


NGT48, victors of AKB48’s second Dai Undoukai less than 24 hours prior at Saitama Super Arena, were riding a hot streak as they hit the Hot Stage of Tokyo Idol Festival 2016 on August 7, 2016!

Red and white penlights glowed as “Overture” rang out and the fans raised their voices. Running out on to the stage, the members leaned forward as the opening guitar chord of “Iiwake Maybe” began their performance. Captain Rie Kitahara announcing their arrival to the audience, many of whom were already bouncing up and down and trying to be noticed. With barely a pause, NGT48 launched into “Everyday, Kachusha”, riding the growing wave of excitement in the venue. Kitahara called out for the audience to get more excited as she and the other members twirled on the stage to “Juuryoku Sympathy”, their white skirts fluttering behind them.

Kitahara proclaimed that they could see the people in the back and in the 2nd floor balcony and asked some of the members to comment on their first appearance at Tokyo Idol Festival. Hinata Honma commented that it was amazing that they were asked to appear at an event where over 300 other idols were and stated that she wanted to give a performance to rival all of them. Kitahara was even more determined, boasting that they would make fans of other groups “oshi-hen” (推し変, switch allegiance from their favorite idol) over to the side of NGT48 by the time they were done. She backed up their enthusiasm by reminding the audience that they won the AKB48 Dai Undoukai, proof of their strength.

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