48 Pieces of Chicken! McDonald’s x NGT48 Presents: Nuggets48!

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48 Pieces of Chicken!  McDonald’s x NGT48 Presents: Nuggets48!

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On December 1st, 2015, the McDonald’s Bandai branch in Niigata City hosted the “McDonald’s x NGT48 Collaboration Campaign: ‘Chicken McNuggets 48 Pieces’ Commemorative Event.” Since the popular menu item Chicken McNugget is nicknamed “NGT” within McDonald’s, its similarity to NGT48 inspired the collaboration.


The event was held in the parking lot of the store, with NGT48 captain Rie Kitahara and 8 members including Yuka Ogino and center Minami Kato appearing in their Toki-motif NGT48 uniforms. About 100 fans were there to greet them despite the cold weather. Maho Yamaguchi, one of the NGT48 members, had actually worked at a McDonald’s before, and said that this collaboration “was destiny.”

Sauce debate is inevitable when discussing Chicken McNuggets, and this event was no exception. When asked to choose between barbeque sauce and mustard, 18 members chose barbeque and 8 chose mustard. Rika Nakai, who chose barbeque sauce, confidently claimed that it is also a great dipping sauce for fries. However, Kitahara quickly countered that choosing barbeque sauce meant that they have yet to grow up, because only adults know how to appreciate mustard sauce.

Ronald McDonald, the main mascot of the franchise, also made an appearance and surprised NGT48 members with personalized membership cards that let them enjoy their favorite value meals for free for 6 months at any McDonald’s branch in Niigata Prefecture.

The event then moved into the store, where NGT48 members donned McDonald’s uniforms and handed each of the 100 guests a bucket of “Chicken McNugget 48 Pieces”.

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