NGT48 Prepare For Take-Off In The MV For “Junjō Yoroshiku”!

NGT48 Prepare For Take-Off In The MV For “Junjō Yoroshiku”!

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NGT48 assembles their dance elite in the fleet-footed MV for “Junjō Yoroshiku” from their debut single “Seishun Dokei” (release date: April 12)!

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Hinata Honma leads the special “dance senbatsu” (Team NIII: Tsugumi Oguma Riko Sugahara, Rena Hasegawa, Noe Yamada, Kenkyūsei: Aina Kusakabe, Reina Seiji) as they pull their rolling suitcases around an airport and show off their “spirit fingers” while dressed as flight attendants. It’s a little like what would might have happened if someone took the concept/look of PASSPO☆ and hired a K-pop choreographer?

“Seishun Dokei” will be released in 3 limited edition CD/DVD versions and a regular CD version. The coupling song is titled “Akikan Punk”. The Type-A exclusive track is “Shutsujin”, the Type-B exclusive track is “Junjō Yoroshiku”, the Type-C exclusive track is “Kurayami Motomu”, and the regular version exclusive track is “Shita no Na de Yobetano wa…”. The limited editions include a ticket which can be used to attend a handshake event or apply for a special present and 1 of 78 (3 types x 26 members) randomly selected photos.

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