Negicco Continue to Shine for Niigata in the MV for “Ai wa Hikari”!

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Negicco Continue to Shine for Niigata in the MV for “Ai wa Hikari”!

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Legendary Niigata idols Negicco return home in the MV for “Ai wa Hikari” from their best of album “Negicco 2011~2017 -BEST- 2” (release date: July 20)!

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Filmed in their home of Niigata, the place where their journey as idols began back in 2003, Negicco appear with familiar local scenery in the background as the cozy-sounding music pulls at the heartstrings of viewers.”Ai wa Hikari” has music and lyrics by Takaki Horigome (KIRINJI) and arrangement by KIRINJI.

“Negicco 2011~2017 -BEST- 2” will be released in a CD/Blu-ray version, a regular CD version, and a super limited edition vinyl 12-inch double album. The Blu-ray includes their April 28, 2017 concert at Zepp Diver City (all songs, minus the first MC). In addition to a series of special events to be held around their July 20th anniversary, Negicco will be holding Negifes 2017 at the Northern Culture Museum in Niigata on October 7th and 8th.

Track List

01 Ai wa Hikari
02 Make Up Prelude
05 Anata to Pop With You!
06 Ai no Tower of Love
07 Idol Bakari Kikanaide
08 Tokimeki Headliner
10 Sunshine Nihonkai
11 Hikari no Spur
12 Nee Vardia
13 Attoteki na Style-NEGiBAND ver.-
14 Mujun, Hajimemashita.
15 Sayonara Music
16 Tomodachi ga Inai!
17 Kuchibiru ni Melody

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Negicco 2011-2017 -Best- / Negicco
Negicco 2011-2017 -Best- / Negicco

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