Happy Crazy Angel Natsuumy; Japan’s Next Kawaii Pop Icon! #01

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Happy Crazy Angel Natsuumy; Japan’s Next Kawaii Pop Icon!  #01

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Natsumi Saito is currently in the spotlight of Japan’s girls’ culture as the new “it girl”. Her unique and individualistic fashion sense, cute face and her distinct style…it’s just too cute! While she has been modeling for fashion magazines such as “WWD JAPAN” and “VOGUE JAPAN”, it has been announced that she will also have her debut as a musical artist in September. At the same time, there are plans to have her involved in the international music scene as well. Just who is she? What does she do? We really wanted to know, so we did some digging around!

日本のガールズカルチャー界で今注目を集めているit girl、斉藤夏海。個性的で独特なファッションセンスに、キュートな顔、そして抜群のスタイル。かわいすぎる!「WWD JAPAN」「VOGUE JAPAN」を始め様々なファッション誌に登場するモデルとして活動する傍ら、9月にはアーティストデビューが決まっている彼女。それと共に、海外も視野に入れた活動も行っていくという。いったいどんな子なの? 何者? 気になるのでちょっと掘り下げてみました!

In the beginning, she did promotional modeling for Japanese gyaru magazines such as “Ranzuki” and “EDGE STYLE”. She was rather popular with teen readers, and people even gave her overflowing original style the name “Obaka Kode”, or translated roughly as “dumb coordination”.

元々、RanzukiやEDGE STYLEなどのギャル雑誌で、看板モデルとして活躍してきた彼女。ティーン界ではかなりの人気者で、彼女のオリジナリティあふれるスタイルは“おバカコーデ”と呼ばれファンも多かったそう。


On July 16th, “NATSUMI’s Fashion Book” was also released. Focusing on Natsumi and her catch phrase “I don’t want to copy anyone. I just want to wear the clothes I like and go outside!”, this book tells you everything you need to know about Natsumi. There were many bookstores where her book sold out instantly, which makes her rapidly growing popularity all the easier to see.

そして7月16日には「NATSUMI’s Fashion Book」を発売。「誰のマネもしたくない。好きな服を着て出かけよう♡」というキャッチコピーのもと、彼女のファッションや私物についてくまなく知る事ができる1冊となっている。即売り切れになる書店も多かったということからも、その人気ぶりが伺える。

So just why is Natsumi becoming so popular so fast? We decided to ask her ourselves!

彼女がなぜこんなにも人気を集めているのか? ストレートだが、彼女に直接聞いてみたところ。

With a smile, Natsumi told us, “I wear the clothes I like with the hairstyle I like, do my makeup and spend my days having a good time. Some people tell me they are happy when they see me, or that I give them the energy to keep on going, or even that they love my smile. And then I realized I am so happy that other people are made happy by my fashion style. So I thought, I want to make as many people happy as possible, and that if it was something I could do, I would do it. And so I will be focusing on music and fashion to give everyone a little bit of happiness!”


It’s true, when we see her fashion it somehow makes us feel good! We can really tell that she is simply wearing the clothes she truly likes with a hairstyle that fits her. More than anything, her smile is cute. Seeing her like that just makes us happy! We really look forward to her new life as a giver of happiness through her career.

確かに、彼女のファッションを見ていると、なんだか気持ちがいい! 本当に好きな服を着て好きなヘアメイクをしているんだなというのが伝わってくる。それになによりも、笑顔がかわいい。そう、見ているこっちもハッピーになるんです! 彼女がこれから、私たちにどんなハッピーマジックを届けてくれるのか非常に楽しみである。

More about Natsuumy:
Instagram: _natsuumikun_
Youtube channel:

Next issue (vol.2 Natsuumy’s Fashion Feature!) will be updated during 1st week of August!

Photo by Kenta Kuzuhara

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