Interview With Ishoku Hada Gyaru Trendsetter miyako

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Interview With Ishoku Hada Gyaru Trendsetter miyako

Do you know about the trend of Ishoku Hada (“different colored skin” or “unique skin”) Gyaru that is currently attracting attention from all over the world? For those who do not yet know about it, once you see a few pictures you will immediately understand the concept.





In the center of the ishoku hada gyaru wave sweeping the globe with its evolution of gyaru and kawaii culture is cosplayer/model miyako.

How did this kind of “unique skin” gyaru come about and how does one transform themselves into such a thing?



Miyako disugised herself as a Ishoku Hada Gyaru/異色肌ギャルに扮したmiyakoさん

ーFirst of all, what sort of thing would you say that Ishoku Hada Gyaru is?

miyako:Ganguro, Harajuku girl, alien, however you decide to interpret it, it’s a kawaii gyaru.

ーPlease tell us how you thought about becoming an Ishoku Hada Gyaru!

miyako:There was a cosplayer that I admired who did Ishoku Hada Gyaru cosplay and several Ishoku Hada anime characters which I wanted to try becoming. Also, there were many girls who I wanted to see in (Ishoku Hada Gyaru) cosplay, which is why I began this project.

ーIt’s been picked up by news outlets in many other countries and gotten a big reaction hasn’t it?

miyako:I was really surprised.
Thinking that I’m cute is one thing but, for me to get such a reaction from all over the world makes me very happy!
After all, everyone’s trying their best to be fashionable, and that’s why I think it struck a nerve!

On social media you can see people from all over the world trying the Ishoku Hada Gyaru challenge. miyako spoke about the important points when it comes to transforming into an Ishoku Hada Gyaru.




By the way, this is how miyako normally looks!/ちなみに普段のmiyakoさんはこんな感じ!

ーPlease tell us the essential items required to become an Ishoku Hada Gyaru.

miyako:Fundammentally, you need these 3 things.
・Oil-based grease paint or foundation
・On top of that you put on powder
・Items or cosmetics that make a gyaru fashionable

ーHow do you go about painting the skin?

miyako:I use grease paint to color the skin.
It’s important to cover it without missing any spots.
It will take some time but, do your best and get help from those around you!

ーIf there is a certain point of attention to the makeup, please tell us.

miyako:The white part underneath the eyes is the point to draw attention to!
After that, the glittering stones are kawaii♡
The false eyelashes are also glamorous so please look at them!

ーIf there are any other fashion points or points to keep in mind, please tell us.

miyako:For the wig or the outfit, I recommend colors that are in contrast to the color of the painted skin♡

ーWhat are your recommended colors?

miyako:I have fun selecting colors that are very different than what I normally like!
Even though that makes things difficult (laughs).


These are what Miyako has used before/こちらは実際にmiyakoさんが使ったアイテムたち

ーWhat is the trick to enjoying Ishoku Hada Gyaru? Please give a message to those who have not experienced it yet!

miyako:It’s about taking on the spirit of gyaru, the enjoyment of makeup!
It’s about realizing that you can use makeup to transform into anything♡

ーIs there anything that miyako wants to try in the future?

miyako:I have so many things!
I want there to be someone to help me make them possible (laughs).

miyako-san has many challenges that she plans to take on from here on out. I look forward to see what they are. Why don’t you try taking on the Ishoku Hada Gyaru challenge and undergo a kawaii evolution?

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