Natsumi Matsuoka From HKT48 Reveals Everything in her First Photobook!

Natsumi Matsuoka From HKT48 Reveals Everything in her First Photobook!

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The first photobook of Natsumi Matsuoka from HKT48 has been announced, titled “Tsuishin,” which will be sold on September 24th (Thu), 2015. The photos are taken at an isolated island off of Setonaikai, a place filled with nature, accentuating her natural, transparency  with photos of her wearing school uniforms, swimsuits, and yukata.

Natsumi Matuoka (HKT48) "Tsuishin"

Natsumi Matuoka (HKT48) “Tsuishin”

This was the collaborative project with the smartphone chat app, “755” and the manga magazine “Weekly Young Jump.” The project was to compete for the number of viewers who saw the pages, with Yurika Sato and Saya Kawamoto from AKB48 also participating and Matsuoka winning the photobook privilege.

“I’m really really happy to do this photobook with the “755” project and the fans! Everything about myself is included in this photobook. Not too energetic, or too happy but, I hope the photos give the readers a warm feeling as well. I’m still a little bit shy but, I hope everyone can see my life-sized self.”

The photobook is A4 size with 112 pages, and the price will be 1600yen (+tax).



Natsumi Matsuoka First Shashinshu (Photobook) – “Tsuishin”

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