Kanon Suzuki is Back! Morning Musume ’15 Releases MV for New Single “Oh my wish!”

Kanon Suzuki is Back!  Morning Musume ’15 Releases MV for New Single “Oh my wish!”

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Morning Musume.15, has released their MV for their new single “Oh my wish!” (release date : August 19).

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When you watch this MV first, you might get deja vu about the intro of this song. It is similar to “Ai no Gundan”, their 54th single.

In this MV, they are separated into dancers and singers. Mizuki Fukumura, Riho Sayashi, Erina Ikuta, and Ayumi Ishida are on the dance team. The others are singing team.

What surprised the fans most must be Kanon Suzuki’s look. She injured her leg during rehearsal in the end of the last year and was off the activities to concentrate on treating. Obviously, she looks slimmer more than before as she lost 9kg in two months. You can see her facial expression which could not seen before.

The single will be released as triple A-side single: “Oh my wish!”, “Sukatto My Heart”, and “Imasugu Tobikomu Yuki”. There are type A, B, and C, limited version with DVD and regular version without DVD.

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