Application Period for Miss iD 2019 Audition Begins! Step Out to this Audition, Because “With You in the Scene The World is Complete”

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Application Period for Miss iD 2019 Audition Begins! Step Out to this Audition, Because “With You in the Scene The World is Complete”

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“If you can cheer for a person’s better day, you are already someone’s idol”.

Holding this unique concept of an idol, Miss iD, an audition that uncovers the “girls of the next generation” has started their application for 2019!


Miss iD is an audition hosted by Kodansha which looks for unique girls to produce as idols. The “iD” in the name has a double meaning of identity and idol, and aims to look for girls of diversity and individuality.

Past grand prix winners include Tina Tamashiro (2012), Jun Aonami (2014), Rie Kaneko (2015), Shizu Mizuno (2015), and Moeka Hoshi (2016), Kyoto Takeda (2017), Uyu and Rorurari (2018).

The catchphrase of the audition for this year is “With you in the scene the world is complete”

Application period runs from April 2, 2018 12:00am (JST)  to May 13, 2018 11:59 p.m. Any female between the age of (approximately) 11 and 37 is eligible to apply, regardless of nationality, past experience, or marital status.

Any specialty such as gravure, acting, modeling, singing, dance, manga, anime, gaming, cosplay, illustration, poetry, essays, sports, politics, philosophy, photography, fashion, design, cooking, songwriting, DJing, making YouTube videos, or even taking selfies, will make you eligible for applying to Miss iD.

Check out our past article to look at the english translation of the audition form!

Application Period for Miss iD 2018 Audition Begins!

Audition Schedule
*You will  be required to participate in the following events once you pass.

Late June ~ early September: First screen test for those who pass the first screening.

Early October: Final audition (finalists will be interviewed by the selection committee)

Mid November: First finalist appearance event

*Schedule is subject to change.

Miss iD 2019
Don’t know if we’re born in a good or bad time.

Immigration issues, refugees and social exclusion, power harassment, and sexual harassment.
Discrimination and hatred towards others seems to be getting worse as well.

But on the other hand, actions that support diversity
such as the #metoo movement, where women all over the world raised their voices,
are also taking place in this era.

A story of a female hero who saves the world “Wonder Woman”
and a colored hero who saves the world “Black Panther”
has turned out to be world-wide great hit movies.

To change the trend of “beauty=young”,
the American magazine “Allure”
has made a resolution to stop using the term “anti-aging”.

Times are changing.

We are definitely moving to a world
with more diversity and less prejudice.

But still, the days that we live in might be like a battlefield.

Always being compared with someone,
it seems like my complex is increasing day by day.
Everyone else’s lives seems to be sparkling
to the point that makes me jealous.
Sometimes I feel like there’s no place for me in the world.

But the truth is, it’s not just me.
Even that beautiful girl is probably the same.

A Mexican movie director of Pixar’s recent movie “Remember Me” has mentioned,
“Let’s make a world a place where children can find someone in common through watching movies, televisions, and animations. A world where children can believe that they can be here”.

Admiring someone, imitating, and respecting them is truly important,
but if everyone denies themselves
and loses the place where they can be who they are
it is the end of the world.

So I will affirm myself.

“Although I’m ugly”
“Although I’m shy”
“Although I have a tattoo”
“Although I use eye-putti”
“Although my selfie is completely different from reality”
“Although I always can’t read between the lines”
“Although I’m always a loner at work”
“Although I’m an easy mark and a sucker for a charmer”
“Although I’m going out with a DJ”
“Although I can only read manga”
“Although I don’t have any friends to go to Disney Land”
“Although I can’t live a great life like the ones on magazine”
“Although I can’t talk good with everyone”
“Although my mom suddenly made a boyfriend”

Whoever I am,
I have a place in life.

With you in the scene the world is complete.

Miss iD2019

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