TGU Giveaway : Miss iD 2016 Photo Book “A World Without Me”

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TGU Giveaway : Miss iD 2016 Photo Book “A World Without Me”

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The photo book covering 14 winners of Miss iD 2016, “Watashi Dake Ga Inai Sekai (meaning : “A World Without Me”)” will be released on July 1st, 2016. We were fortunate to get three copies of the photo book, and will give them away to three lucky readers!


Photographer: Yuki Aoyama
Price:2,000 Yen
Size : B5/192 pages

Miss iD is an audition hosted by Kodansha which looks for unique girls to produce as idols. The “iD” in the name has a double meaning of “identity” and “idol”. Previous winners include ViVi model Tina Tamashiro, Jun Aonami, Shizu Mizuno, Kaneko Rie, and more. This audition is definitely a place to find the “next girl”.
Winners for Miss iD 2016 Announced! Grand Prix Event in January 2016! :
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Starting with Moeka Hoshi, who won grad prix out of 4000 Miss iD 2016 candidates, winners are idols, models, musicians,  Rakugo story teller, and have many different kind of individuals.

The photo book features, Yuko Sugamoto, the second place of Miss iD 2016 and former member of HKT48, Marina Nagasawa, legendary baby faced gravure idol, VIENNA, the next generation fashion model with over 16 million followers on Twitter, Amina du Jean, who moved to Japan from USA to become an idol, and more!


Yuuko Sugamoto


Marina Nagasawa


Yuri Fujino


Nao Minami

The photos are by Yuki Aoyama, who is known for his works “School Girl Complex” series and “Salary Man”. It includes 250 photos that represents girls who survive right “now”. It also has collaborated works with famous fashion brands popular among teenagers.


Mika Ichinose



Special talk events and the photo exhibition will be taken place at Odaiba Culture Culture, Shibuya PARCO Book Center, Village Vanguard, some Tower Records shops, and more. The special T-shirts collaborated with popular illustrator Mel Kishida will be on sale as the official Miss iD 2016 goods.


Yuuki Seto

Moeka Hoshi, Mika Ichinose, Raika Yumi, Sumire, Roka, Marina Nagasawa, Yuri Fujino, Amina du Jean, Nao Minami, Nozomi Dai, Yuuki Seto, Tsuruko Hayashiya, VIENNA, Yuko Sugamoto

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