Miss iD 2017 Semi-finalists Announced! Who Will Be the Girl of the Next Generation?

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Miss iD 2017 Semi-finalists Announced! Who Will Be the Girl of the Next Generation?

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Semi-finalist for MissiD 2017 has been announced! Miss iD is an audition hosted by Kodansha which looks for unique girls and aims to find a “girl of the new generation” that would not be found in ordinary auditions.img_Miss_iD_2017_main

The “iD” in the name has a double meaning of “identity” and “idol”, and previous Miss iD grand prix winners include ViVi model Tina Tamashiro, Jun Aonami, Rie Kaneko, and Shizu Mizuno. There are even more memorable girls such as Yuko Sugamoto, the second place of Miss iD 2016 and former member of HKT48 and Marina Nagasawa, legendary baby faced gravure idol.

It is the 5th time for MissiD to hold an audition, and 128 semi-finalists were chosen from 3,500 candidates through applicant screening and camera test.



With the catch phrase of “Watashiwa Kono Hoshi de Ikinokoru” (I will survive in this planet), a variety of individuals such as idol, model, actress, gravure idol, dancer, high school girl gathered. This time, what is more interesting is that there are lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender girls and boys.

Selection members include singer-song writer Seiko Omori, producer of a popular TV program “Godtan” Sakuma Nobuyuki, Professional interviewer Gou Yoshida, Illustrator Mel Kishida, entrepreneur Kazuma Ieiri, make-up artist Igarishinobu, and comic artist Hideo Azuma.

Candidates will go through a 2 months long semi-final period, and they will appeal themselves through Twitter, blog, Twitcasting, idol support mobile app CHEERZ and crowd funding CAMPFIRE.


Finalists will be chosen by the selection members, number of views on YouTube, number of CHEERs in CHEERZ, and number of photos sold in  The final members will be announced in mid-September, and grand-prix will be chosen in the end of October.

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