Twin Models “mimmam” Reveals Artworks for Debut Single!

Twin Models “mimmam” Reveals Artworks for Debut Single!

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It was announced that twin models “mimmam” will make their debut with the single “Yura Yura Buru” on August 20th!

"Yura Yura Buru" Jacket Cover

“Yura Yura Buru” Jacket Cover

They began an interesting twitter promotion, in which they set secret goals for the hashtag #mimmam. Once they reached the necessary number of tweets, they would release a new video or artwork as part of a series related to their debut as artists. There are a few videos on their website for viewing. Having received 15,000 tweets, they revealed the cover art for their debut song.
mimmam’s official website

The song “Yura Yura Buru” was written by MIN the Taiwanese vocalist for the band UN AMIN and her comments about working with mimmam can be seen in the video below. Unfortunately, MIN is speaking in Taiwanese and the subtitles on the right of the screen are in Japanese but she is cute, so please watch anyway!

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The art is from graphic designer KASICO. With its pop color and fresh atmosphere, it gives off a light summery mood.

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