mimmam Reveals Cute and Mysterious MV for Their Debut Song “Yura Yura Buru”

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mimmam Reveals Cute and Mysterious MV for Their Debut Song “Yura Yura Buru”

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Twin models mimman has finally revealed MV for their debut song “Yura Yura Buru”. mim and mam are popular fashion models for Japanese teens fashion magazine “Zipper”. Their debut song was released on iTunes in August 20, and the full MV has just revealed in October 8.

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Why it took roughly 2 months? The reason is that they had an interesting promotion on Twitter, in which they set goals for the hashtag #mimmam, and when they reached 22000 retweets, the MV was finally released!

The MV is made with technique called “Cinemagraph”, still photographs in which a minor and repeated movement occurs. It gives the illusion that viewer is watching a video. The MV director Tomokazu Yamada commented that mim and mam are very cute but not just that. He thought they are mysterious at the same time, and expressed such attraction in the video.

Their fashion is one of the highlights in the MV as well. Check out real Harajuku fashion from mimmam!

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