Old-BiS member Megumi Koshoji Appears in Seiko Oomori’s MV!

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Old-BiS member Megumi Koshoji Appears in Seiko Oomori’s MV!

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Seiko Oomori’s major debut single “Kyuru-kyuru” will released on September 18th, and a music video of a song recorded in the single “Watashi ha Omoshiroi Zettai Omoshiroi Tabun” has released on YouTube.

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In this MV, Megumi Koshoji, who was one of a member of BiS and Seiko rave her as “Loveable-wonderful-idiot,” is appearing and pretended like singing the song with a corn in her hand. They are on good terms that Megumi appeared in Seiko’s concert or shows at Niconico Live as a guest.

“I had practiced about thousand times, but I couldn’t sing well…” said Megumi Kosyoji in the interview. Seiko’s strong lyric and Megumi’s mild character made unbalanced but some kind of exquisite music video. Both Seiko’s and Megumi’s fans should check this MV.

And also, in the midnight of September 17th, “Seiko Oomori’s Birthday Party” which will celebrate her birthday and release of her debut single “Kyuru-kyuru” will distribute from Niconico Live, Ustream and YouTube.


Seiko Oomori

Seiko’s major debut single “Kyuru-kyuru” is an up -tempo pop song. The song includes interesting lyric; “We can go anywhere where we can search on Google,” “Why not me if anyone is okay.” The single contains 2 more songs and DVD. The DVD includes MV and video of Seiko’s concert in last March, and it will be totally about 100 minutes-DVD.

Finally, Seiko Oomori will make her major debut. It makes us fell excite to imagine what she going to do next!!

■Seiko Oomori’s Official YouTubeChannel

■Seiko Oomori’s Birthday Party
Date; 17, Sep, 2014
Time; 22:00~24:30 (singing; 23:45~)
【Niconico Live】

※Broadcast time is Japanese Standard Time.
※People who live overseas can watch Ustream and niconico Live.
※The live performance shown on YouTube is only available to watch in Japan.
※People who live overseas will be able to watch it after the archive video is uploaded to YouTube.

Translated by Chihiro

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